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  1. justinb

    Action Figures

    I searched for quite a while but could not find a proper action figure thread. Anything from 1/18 to life-size maquette's. I was not sure where to post this but since the Diecast Model thread is in the entertainment subforum it seemed to fit. Along with diecast, I also collect various...
  2. justinb

    DeviantArt Contests is having another t-shirt contest to see who can create the best cute monster.LINK I'm really proud of my little guy, I call him Igitchi :lol: He turned out exactly like I pictured him in my head.
  3. justinb

    PS3 Media Server Woes...

    Is anyone else having trouble streaming with PS3MS? Its like it worked and now it doesn't! I use to be able to stream Top Gear in 720p from my desktop to my PS3 which is not even ten feet away. When I upgraded to a 2600K I updated all of my programs including PS3MS to 1.50 and since then any...
  4. justinb

    TV: ESPN3

    Could a kind gear head out there do me a favor? My local college football team(Syracuse) plays their first game this Saturday on ESPN3, the internet streaming service. The only problem? My ISP does not support ESPN3 and likely they never will considering it is Road Runner which is owned by Time...
  5. justinb

    FordGT's Signature Gallery

    I make a lot of signatures/banners so I thought I would create a place to put them all. I'll start by adding me newest banner:
  6. justinb

    Ford Fiesta Promo

    An ad I made for the new 2011 Fiesta. This one was just for fun:cool:
  7. justinb

    Airwalk Ad

    An ad I did for Airwalk shoes. I even photographed the shoes myself:cool:
  8. justinb

    iPod Touch/iPhone Wallpapers

    I made these and thought you guys might like them :D