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  1. eimajuno

    PC vs. Mac , Which one are you ?!

    I have been a Mac user for about 4 years now after being a PC user for a long time. Since I work in entertainment, Macs are common when it comes to video editing on a professional scale. Although I am a fan of Apple, I am interested in trying out windows 7 and I really would like to get a back...
  2. eimajuno

    So what do you guys think of Warren Brown now?

    So far in this second season, I am really starting to enjoy Top Gear Australia. I never really minded warren or steve but to me, charlie was the weak point of the show. I am glad they got rid of him and brought in James Morrison instead. The reason why I am happy about this is Charlie seemed...
  3. eimajuno

    How many people have you converted? (hall of fame)

    My dad and 3 friends.
  4. eimajuno

    Top Gear spoof

    I find it quite ironic that after that awful clip played, a screen popped up and said "Original Content". Right...
  5. eimajuno

    Top Gear intro ringtone

    As soon as I got my iPhone, i had to change from the ringer that I had been using for years. I have the top gear intro music as it.
  6. eimajuno

    The thought of summer top gear

    I watch older episodes all the time. Its the only thing that can carry me over until new ones come out. I have a hard time watching car shows based in the US since I have every episode in my possession. Never a dull moment.
  7. eimajuno

    Idea: Manufacturer vs. Tuner

    I really liked that comparison. Especially if you are in the market for one of those cars. The Mini's used in that episode in Series 1 were a perfect example.
  8. eimajuno

    How did you pop your Top Gear cherry?

    I too became hooked after the caravan holiday episode aired. A few years ago, someone in another forum that I was a member of posted up youtube links to it. After that I went to youtube to start findings as many clips as I could. Shortly after I bought a huge external HD for my computer I...
  9. eimajuno

    Some say he is made from chocolate...

    They have already starting putting up easter decorations in stores since January. Xmas decorations started here in So. Cal. back in september in some stores this past year. Even with all that time in advance to get decorations, it still was the worst holiday shopping season yet. I am agnostic...
  10. eimajuno

    Question for UK TopGear magazine readers

    It sounds like the posters packaged in the UK version are slightly more interesting than those in the Romanian version. I don't think I would hang a poster of a Toyota Avensis on my wall, but thats just me.
  11. eimajuno

    Yeah man. Same person from Hofo. Haven't seen you there in awhile.

    Yeah man. Same person from Hofo. Haven't seen you there in awhile.
  12. eimajuno

    The Stig: STIG - Could you care less who's under the helmet?

    I really don't care who the stig is as long as he does what he is supposed to do.
  13. eimajuno

    Jason season 1 (Sorry this is a re-post, new member)

    I just found the way that he presented a bit boring. I think he would be better on a straight information show, rather then a show like top gear but we all know the evolution top gear has gone through since series 1 until now.
  14. eimajuno

    James May: James May one decade ago on TG

    So I guess that means he followed over from when they went from the old series to the newer series. Does anyone know if he did the same amount of presenting in the older series as he does in Top Gear in its current form?
  15. eimajuno

    Stigs identity revealed bu New of the World

    So many of these "Stig's Identity" threads lately. I guess no one searches anymore.
  16. eimajuno

    75 min 12x08 confirmed

    Sounds good. I can't wait until the 28th.
  17. eimajuno

    'Twas the Espisode Before Christmas...

    That was excellent.
  18. eimajuno

    US Channels playing Top Gear

    I do have my dvr set to record when they air new episodes on BBC America but I will rarely watch them on there. I have them all on my external HD in their original form. Not to mention I wouldn't want to wait to watch the newer ones. Torrents FTW.
  19. eimajuno

    Rigging the Maxim's Who's Your Favourite Bloke of 2008 poll

    i just voted for him. 82% at the time of my vote.
  20. eimajuno

    Simple poll, Zonda or Veyron?

    The Veyron gets my vote. I'm awed by the amount of engineering that went in to it to make it the fastest car street legal car in the world currently. Sure it may not be the quickest around the TG test track but who cares. It has 16 cylinders, 4 turbos, 10 radiators, and can got 254 MPH.