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  1. justinb

    [03x11] March 21, 2019 - Sea to Unsalty Sea

    I very enjoyable episode. The Stalin bit was not needed and the wee test could have been better done. Something during the real world test with Abbie caught my eye though. At 50m:48s in, you can see Jeremy drive past a red car parked on the right side of the street, the same car Abbie is...
  2. justinb

    [03x05] February 8, 2019 - "An Itchy Urus"

    A very solid episode indeed. The Jim Clark bit was exceptional.
  3. justinb

    [25x02] March 4th, 2018

    A solid 8/10 episode for me. I can never have enough McLaren goodness, and I absolutely love the 720S and P1.
  4. justinb

    [25x01] February 25th, 2018

    A very enjoyable episode and better than The Grand Tour by a country mile, sadly. I was a bit surprised by their car choices in the beginning, but it was a good mix I think. Nice to see the 570GT getting some air time too. 9/10 for me.
  5. justinb

    [02x05] January 5, 2018

    The opening in Dubai was decent but the rest was a pile of shit. Not much else to say really. The dead sheep DID bother me and the main reason is that it gives idiots ideas. Very distasteful.
  6. justinb

    Does anyone still have 56k on here? [Speed Test Thread]

    Since Spectrum took over Time Warner I went from 50/1 to 100/10 which is nice, but the more frequent outages and horribly compressed HD signal are making up for the lack of suck.
  7. justinb

    Show us your Lego!

    Finally got around to modding my Racing Kart a bit and taking a few photos of it. One of the cheapest Technic sets, but also one of the most satisfying to build and display :mrgreen:
  8. justinb

    Show us your Lego!

    I want the new UCS MF so badly, but I have no idea where I'd display it :lol: A piece like this deserves its own case. And for the price I can buy 42056, BB-8 and parts for a nice MOC. Hmm...
  9. justinb

    Show us your Lego!

    Lately I've been thinking about adding the Porsche too, but $330 is just too pricey. It looks decent enough I suppose but it doesn't really offer anything beyond the initial wow-factor of a giant orange car. Over here in the U.S. it never goes on sale for some reason coughPorschecough. I...
  10. justinb

    Show us your Lego!

    My Technic project that I've been working on for the past month, the GP-1. Still a work in progress :)
  11. justinb

    [23x06] July 3rd, 2016 -- Evans final episode

    One of the better episodes, except for that shit NSX "review". What the hell was that!? A bunch of engine noises with artsy light streaks and an idiot trying to drift a car designed for precise driving :lol:
  12. justinb

    [23x01] May 29th, 2016 -- First Episode With New Cast

    I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it although that is likely due to missing the original so much. It was great just to hear the title music again :lol: -Matt was great! Lots of potential and very likable. Hopefully he reviews some actual cars in the future(new Ford GT perhaps...). He's...
  13. justinb

    Show us your Lego!

    I'm quite disappointed with the final product if I'm honest. The only bits I really like are the rims and the attempt at a PDK transmission(only four speeds though). The color doesn't fit and red is actually closer to Porsche's Lava Orange. No rear-wheel steering? No working lights? What's with...
  14. justinb

    [Official] Clarkson announces new show! / Amazon Video [Hammond & May too]

    Amazon must have bought all three cars, because there is no way this would happen otherwise!
  15. justinb

    Show us your Lego!

    WALL-E 21303
  16. justinb

    Movie: Mad Max: Fury Road

    I just saw the film and absolutely loved it! The best movie of the year for me! It was so much more than I was expecting it to be and I'm actually going to go see it again.
  17. justinb

    [22x08] June 28th, 2015 [The Final Clarkson, Hammond, & May Episode]

    10/10 An outstanding ending to Top Gear. The ending was really hard to watch and I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to film. All you can really say is thank you to Jeremy, Richard, James and the entire crew behind Top Gear. To hell with the BBC and whatever stupid shit they brand...
  18. justinb

    Chris Evans [of the UK] - three-year Top Gear deal

    I was all excited when I heard that Captain America was the new host of Top Gear. Turns out it was the wrong Chris Evans. Oh well! :mrgreen: I think the show can live on and maybe the new trio will be a success, but I won't be watching. In my mind Top Gear is dead and there is no coming back...
  19. justinb

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    I hate when you ask an eBay seller if they have any more photos of an item and they reply with a simple "no" as if you are bothering them.
  20. justinb

    2015 Grand Prix De Monaco

    I couldn't believe some of the comments from fans after Nico's win. Quite a few said Lewis was robbed and that Nico should have given up his position :lol: As for me I was nothing but excited to see Nico take the win because while I think Lewis is a brilliant driver his attitude, especially this...