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  1. zenon

    Anyone with BIG PROBLEMS

    I'm past the point now of caring about the $20 that Dennys Perez ripped me off for. Right now I really want the bastard to simply allow me to transfer my domain. I mean, what he did was horrible, but not unforgivable. He probably had some financial crisis himself and couldn't afford the servers...
  2. zenon

    Anyone with BIG PROBLEMS

    Best bet for that would be the Better Business Bureau. I haven't had a chance to do anything with them yet, but I believe you can file a complaint online from
  3. zenon

    Anyone with BIG PROBLEMS

    Yep. I really wish that weren't true. :cry: This is what I received in response: Looks like I'm screwed. :censored:
  4. zenon

    Anyone with BIG PROBLEMS

    This is the response I got from The Planet: I replied stating that there is no possible way of contacting the "aforementioned business" because their e-mail addresses and phone lines have been disconnected or disabled. I'm still waiting on a response to that.
  5. zenon

    Anyone with BIG PROBLEMS

    My domain was registered by In2Hosting. So am I screwed out of luck? I don't have any experience with any domain crap (the reason why I got In2 to do it :?) so I'm a bit confused as what I can do to retain (my domain). Everything on my site is backed up (thank God) other...
  6. zenon

    Anyone with BIG PROBLEMS

    It seems Dennys Perez is also active on this forum; however hasn't been recently: I'm going to get this resolved if it kills me! :twisted:
  7. zenon

    Anyone with BIG PROBLEMS

    Okay, I've been doing a bit more sleuth work. We all know that Cubanseeder is involved with In2Hosting (he either runs it or works for them). Looking at his profile on this forum, you can see that he logged in recently: (That is PST) Link to his profile...
  8. zenon

    Anyone with BIG PROBLEMS

    Yeah, this whole situation is horrible. Basically though, I'm not moving past this without a complete resolution or legal action. This is entirely unacceptable and in no way am I going to be satisfied without complete resolution.
  9. zenon

    Anyone with BIG PROBLEMS

    Hey all. I'm a mod here but haven't posted in a long time; however, I've been effected by this In2Hosting situation and am at whits end. I've basically had the same experience. I had no warning of any downtime, but out of nowhere my website has become inaccessible. I had just recently paid for...
  10. zenon

    [05x06] December 5th, 2004

    I'm pretty sure it's actually this:
  11. zenon

    FG - [07x04] - April 11th, 2005

    Do you know the time that it is played at? That will probably help out in getting a response.
  12. zenon


    Okay, this is a psycho deal. I've signed up. :thumbsup:
  13. zenon

    FG - [08x10] - December 12th, 2005

    26:44 - 26:58 - Queens of the Stoneage - No One Knows 33:01 - 33:50 -
  14. zenon

    [07x05] December 11th, 2005

    Marcos Review: 00:30 - 00:39 - Death in Vegas - Death Threat 00:39 - 01:11 - Robert Plant - Shine It All Around (Instrumental) 01:12 - 01:30 - Graeme Revell - That's That 01:31 - 02:05 - Amon Tobin - Rosies 02:23 - 03:25 - Orbital - P.E.T.R.O.L. 03:34 - 03:49 - De-Phazz - The Mambo Craze 03:56 -...
  15. zenon

    FG - [08x09] - December 5th, 2005

    39:47 - ??:?? -
  16. zenon

    [07x04] December 4th, 2005

    Pagani Zonda Review: 00:29 - 00:31 - Laurent Garnier - Cycles d'Oppositions 00:31 - 01:06 - Laurent Garnier - The Man with the Red Face 01:11 - 02:34 - Klaus Badelt - To the Pirates' Cave! The Stig's Lap: 03:47 - 03:53 - Le Concert d`Astrée & Susan Graham - Dido and Aeneas, III, Scene 2: When I...
  17. zenon

    FG - [08x08] - November 28th, 2005

    What about this? Beat you to it. :P
  18. zenon

    FG - [08x08] - November 28th, 2005

    05:29 - 06:45 -
  19. zenon

    [07x03] November 27th, 2005

    Ford vs. Pagani vs. Ferrari: 01:29 - 01:40 - Amon Tobin - Wires & Snakes 01:41 - 01:46 - Lemon Jelly - '88 aka Come Down on Me 01:46 - 01:51 - Amon Tobin - Wires & Snakes 01:51 - 02:25 - Lemon Jelly - '88 aka Come Down on Me 02:26 - 02:28 - Faultline - Salt 02:28 - 03:15 - Lemon Jelly - '64 aka...
  20. zenon

    i love my country

    It's listed in the Vancouver section of Craigslist, hence the But yeah, those are definitely not streets in Vancouver (or at least not well known ones that you would refer to in that fashion). You'd have to be pretty desperate to go after a girl who posts shit...