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    Powering up your car by using the power supply of your PC

    I have just found a stuperb thing on youtube which I thought is worth sharing. Coolermaster just introduced a new range of power supplies and decided that the best way to advertise them is to show that you can in fact start your car with one of those.
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    Some Germans tried to break TopGear's indoor speed record

    Hi everyone, I have just seen an episode of "N24 Wissen" which is some sort of documentary covering all sorts of topics on german TV. Today they have tried to set a speed record in doors, trying "to beat the 130 kph record from England". They have not explicitly mentioned Top Gear, but 130 kph...
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    Logitech G25 - How large are the pedals?

    Hi! A question for all the G25 owners here, and I assume there are quite a few: I am thinking of buying one next week or so and the problem is that I didn?t have the opportunity to test it myself, so far I just have seen pictues of it. The point is that I have quite large feet, the EUR size is...