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  1. motogpboy

    Gran Turismo 5

    I wonder if you can race an F4U Corsair around the Nordschleife.
  2. motogpboy

    Gran Turismo 5

    Is this implying at the very least that Red Bull F1 will be in the game, and possibly other teams as well?
  3. motogpboy

    16 years...

    I was thinking about this driving to visit some family today. I still remember the Brasilians unfurling the banner after they had won the World Cup in '94. Powerful things. Let's just be thankful that F1 has not taken anyone since.
  4. motogpboy

    The official 2010 season MotoGP thread!

    Just to let ALL AMERICANS know!! SPEED is airing the MotoGP Grand Prix of Spain LIVE at 8 EST tomorrow morning. This is the first time I think I've ever seen Speed air a European round of the championship live. This must be a new thing for them on weekends when there is no Formula 1 race. So...
  5. motogpboy

    MLB '10 Regular Season Thread

    Goin to go see Zito pitch against the Rockies tonight in SF. It's go time baby!
  6. motogpboy

    Hockey 2009-10

    MVPavelski did it again tonight for my boys. His playoffs thus far have been nothing short of outstanding. Good to see Heatley break out of his scoring slump. Overall a good performance for the sharks, but I see the Wings only getting tougher from here on out.
  7. motogpboy

    Beijing 2010: BMW surprises with Concept Gran Coup? (4-door coupe)

    They really need to stop calling things what they aren't. A coupe is 2 doors. A shooting brake is 2 doors. Not 4 like that new Merc. has a sloped roof. BFD. I do like the look of this though.
  8. motogpboy

    The Bucket List Thread

    1) Have a full time residence in Manhattan 2) Fund my own race team 3) Have a family 4) Climb Mt. Whitney 5) Climb Mt. Rainier 6) Climb Denali 7) Climb Gasherbrum II 8) Climb Cho Oyu 9) Climb Mt. Everest/K2/Annapurna
  9. motogpboy

    Official: Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break Concept

    I'm surprised nobody has yet noticed that they misspelled Shooting Brake on the back of the license plate. **EDIT** Maybe they're trying to be cheeky and say this is a "break" from the normal consensus of...a shooting brake? Hardy har har Mercedes.
  10. motogpboy

    Official: Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break Concept

    Why the hell would they tempt me into actually getting excited before seeing the pictures by calling it a "Shooting brake"? It's a fucking four door. Evil, evil bastards.
  11. motogpboy


    wait wait wait.. did you just rebut someone else's theory about Lost because you said that it would "makes no sense"? Are we watching the same show here? :lol:
  12. motogpboy

    Which races from the 2010 season would you dump?

    I voted Bahrain, Singapore, Valencia, Shanghai, Hungaroring, and Hockenheim. Well... and S. Korea. Even though I haven't seen it yet it's ridiculous that South fucking Korea has a Grand Prix while the United States does not. So it gets the nix. Hockenheim... I don't even know how they allowed...
  13. motogpboy

    How not to build a traffic circle/roundabout/godforsaken irritating POS

    Madcat.. you live in Walnut Creek? I know exactly where that roundabout of my main motorcycle buddies lives on Farm Hill Ct. I take that roundabout, then make a left onto North Gate, right onto Doncaster past the LDS Church, then a right onto Indian Hill. That's pretty crazy I know...
  14. motogpboy

    April DLC

    917 or no more DLC packs! We already have a Leon and a Scirocco. I mean..really... multiple Scirocco's?
  15. motogpboy

    April DLC

    this is the most yawn inducing list so far. How are we getting all this shit when the 917 is nowhere to be found.
  16. motogpboy

    Jalopnik: How A $500 Craigslist Car Beat $400K Rally Racers

    One of the coolest things I've ever read.
  17. motogpboy

    Gran Turismo 5

    haha wait wait...what happened to the "April" release date? Prologue came out 2 years ago. This game better be good enough to run a small industrialized nation.
  18. motogpboy

    Forum Wars on SpeedTV. We need to hate on someone.

    For the rival forum... I say we do the SPEED Message boards. I have some beef with a few of them, especially an ex girlfriend. ;)
  19. motogpboy

    Codemasters' Formula One 2010

    Looks like it could be Melbourne