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    The same lady at every Top Gear? or....

    (after audience response is less than expected) "We're gonna have to 'sweeten' some of these jokes. That's a showbiz term for 'add sugar to'." - Mitch Hedberg
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    Why Jeremy should see Idiocracy

    Perhaps the proportion of stupid people in humanity has remained the same throughout the ages - only now there's more free time in which stupidity can be indulged.
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    Bad news everyone: Ssangyong in trouble

    If I recall correctly, the interior's been spruced up a lot too, far more luxurious than the original car. It's sort of a Korean Toyota Century (i.e. a domestic market symbol of luxury), but I can't say how well it's put together. This is not the end of Ssangyong by any means, they still have a...
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    Perfect car for a failing economy (part 2): Mansory tuned Veyron

    Well, it's marketed to Arabs, if that's any consolation.
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    Clarkson vs. May on tea and coffee:fight!

    Both, separately and at once. I'm completely serious. Funnily enough, this ties in to another thread.
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    [11x05] July 20th, 2008

    Great episode. I particularly liked the grand luxury cars segment, it really rung of "old Top Gear" to me. Same with introducing the concept cars before the news segment, oddly enough. Two things though: James, that would be "Mao" rather than "Tung" - and didn't Jeremy's Grosser car present...
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    [11x04] July 13th, 2008

    That's what I'm betting on. And no, I'm not calling it fake or staged or anything like that :P Just pointing out that the crew must have some 'eagle-eyed chaps' of their own.
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    [11x04] July 13th, 2008

    The Alfa review was well done, they way they played the sudden change in mood is brill ("...and the overall result is... terrible!"). Japan race was amazing and almost everything it could be... almost. Hence the 9. The cinematics are wonderful and the drama was fairly believable, but the "look...
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    [11x03] July 6th, 2008

    I think that the Top Gear three have long ceased to be believable as people and are mere caricatures by this point. Compare the David Brent -> Michael Scott transition. Maybe if I accept that, I'll feel better. It was funny, but I don't feel I've gained anything for having seen the episode...
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    Cars with stickers tend to have aggressive drivers

    It's true - Canadians are never particularly taken to pride. It is a sin, after all. =) It isn't helped that the public's attitude towards the country lags reality by about twenty years. My warning signs of aggression: tinted windows, stupid wheels, shaved heads... like stickers they're all...
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    All remaining road safety in China has gone down the tubes

    I live in Toronto... but I probably drive better than you do. And Chinese driving is nothing compared to Indian driving. That said, I would not want to be a pedestrian in Beijing. Guangzhou is worse - you've probably never even heard of that city.
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    Audi Q5 to be made in....China???

    I myself have not done business in mainland China, but I am close to many people who have - I can say that eschewing products simply because they are made in China is incredibly ignorant. Judge based on quality and price. /used to work for Magna and thinks they'll do fine //worked for other...
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    Top Gear new series update

    He mentioned like two sentences in that he isn't supposed to comment on Jeremy's situation, so he needs to at appear as if he's talking about the new series. It's an interesting article to read - but does Hammond qualify as someone who does not seek fame?
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    I don't know whether I should laugh or cry

    Damn, how many terrible metaphors/allusions are in that short write-up in OP?
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    Richard and the Zonda...

    How many cars has Zonda sold, really? From what I've read each model has a production figure barely over single figures. Outside of TG they seem obscure enough to be non-existent...
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    Is Clarkson Really That Stupid?

    It is irritating that they are so immune to their mistakes though. It's like they can say and do whatever they want and get away with it without so much as a correction, and people defend their right to do so - to the death. It's like that other group that's in the news a lot, which I do not...
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    Top Gear Lingo Americanized

    It's properly Romanized as "Hyeon-de," which is Korean for "modern." That's irrelevant though...
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    GT-R versus Z06, R8 and GT3

    That is why I wanted to keep it a secret. :) Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think dealer markups are nearly as bad up here as they are in the States. Our market shows more financial restraint, especially with luxury goods like supercars... that said, even at 2x MSRP it's not a bad...
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    GT-R versus Z06, R8 and GT3

    In Canada, the GT-R will be about $10K cheaper than the Z06 ($81,900 vs. $91,685). I don't know why. Don't let anyone know.
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    Forget the Veyron. Test the Mach 5!

    This thing is fast, but it's no match for the A-Team van!