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    LFS FG Season 2005

    Found this ancient video of our LFS season 2005 :D and uploaded it to youtube. So, how is everyone? :)
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    Reunion Races

    Seems that there are a few FG LFS'ers that wanna have a FG race. Oldies, dust that wheel off and find LFS.exe. New LFS'ers...watchout for Burnsy :P I suggest that we focus on the weekends because of timezones ect. We used to race on Saturdays at 7PM GMT'ish, I guess thats doable for most of us...
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    News: "VW Scirocco 19th of december" Update: Postponed

    rsYGl5fK93Q VW Scirocco postponed
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    LFS CarFocus v2.6 (Movie tool)

    To create a nice scene for recording a movie can be a pain in the ass if you need to control the camera by mouse. Well, not anymore :) I made a prototype to control the camera when LFS is in Shift U mode. The main aspect of this tool is to keep the focus at a driver. You can keep the car in...
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    VW Scirocco in Live for Speed

    German source: Something like this? LFS Screenshot:
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    LFS Episode on InsideSimRacing

    0q_wba4yH9g Full article and high resolution movie: You can see more about different leaques and the statistic website
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    LFS MHR Ranks

    Main Hotlap Rank at Was kinda bored and found another 'challenge'. The MHR (Main Hotlap Rank) on :) Set a good lap for each car on a track. There are 18 cars and below you see the list of combinations. (car/track). I didnt practice for any combo, took the best set...
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    LFS Remote / Spectator Some keys: f - full screen shift-f - remove any text layers arrow keys move the map +/- for zooming H or h for message history toggle tab or shift-tab for view toggle N or n for names toggle ctrl-shift for username/playername toggle on licensed hosts You can click...
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    New Patch: Formula BMW FB02

    Edit: Youtube version: b26HuguLwFI Looks good :) :burnrubber:
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    S6 2007/11/10 WE [2x16]

    Right ;) Normally we start practicing in 2 hours time, is everyone fine if we could start 1 hour later? If so, Pdanev had to go back home due to some personal matter. And he just landed few minutes ago. He missed the train by a few seconds :| So he will be home in a few hours.. I hope I don't...
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    Race Spectator

    I've made a program that allows you to follow a live Live For Speed race without being connected to the host. You don't have to have an LFS S1,S2 licence. Everybody can spectate any server. (The serverlist that you can request are not all the lfs servers. These servers are connected to an LFS...
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    S6 2007/09/29 South City Long [2x18]

    Pre race :) Did some practice with Lonely. Its scary to drive the ufr fast :) the car bounces allot during some corners, and sometimes you are driving on 2 wheels. There are some corners were you can flip the car (too) easily. T1, the hairpin right and the next corner after the hairpin. First...
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    Bavaria City Racing @ R'dam

    Last sunday was the 3rd edition of Bavaria City Racing in Rotterdam. It was really crowded, ~450000 people came to R'dam to see F1, A1GP, WTCC, Champcar cars. Warming Up & Drive for Kids Chris van der Drift too late ;) 2 wheel action Christijan Albers Heikki Kovalainen NL...
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    Trip to Poland

    Entering Poland from Germany City buildings in Wroclaw Some funny figures near the roads Auschwitz "arbeit macht frei" at the entrance After Auschwitz with the bus to Birkenau Then to the south for hiking in the mountains Some nice mushrooms Wieliczka Salt Mine Chapel of...
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    April 7th Blackwood Reverse [27:27]

    Click poster for high-res version. Date: April 7th Track: Blackwood GP Reverse Cars: XFR or UFR Qualification: 15 minutes Sprint Race: 27 Laps Feature Race: 27 Laps Time: 18:00 GMT Server: [FG] Racing Password: fg The 'biggest' change since last season: Remember that now the point system is...
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    Bridgestone tests new tyre markings

    Bridgestone has tested two new styles of tyre markings on the first day of testing at Sepang on Tuesday. Leading figures in the paddock went on record over the Australian Grand Prix weekend to call on Formula 1?s sole tyre supplier to make the soft ?option? tyre more visually distinguishable...
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    Mar 03 - Blackwood GP Track Reversed [9:55]

    Date: Mar 03 Track: Blackwood GP Track Reversed Car: FOX Qualification: 15 minutes Practice: 18:00 GMT Race: 19:00 GMT Sprint: 9 laps Feature: 55 laps Server: Racing|0|"][FG] Racing Password: fg WR Replay Setup
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    Feb 24 - Fern Bay Gold Standard [8:50]

    Date: Feb 24 Track: Fern Bay Gold Standard Car: Fox Qualification: 15 minutes Practice: 18:00 GMT Race: 19:00 GMT Sprint: 8 laps Feature: 50 laps Server: Racing|0|"][FG] Racing Password: fg WR Replay Setup
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    Feb 03 - Blackwood GP Track Standard FOX [9:55]

    Date: Feb 03 2007 Track: Blackwood GP Track Standard Car: FOX Qualification: 15 minutes Sprint Race: 9 Laps Feature Race: 55 Laps Time: 18:00 GMT Server: Racing|0|"][FG] Racing Password: fg WR:1:07:320 benchmark :P Replay: replay Setup: Setup Look here if someone is racing :)
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    Always select the right setup

    Once you know the track, you need a good setup to go really fast. So which setup are you going to choose? Well there is a big difference between a 'Fern Bay setup' and a 'South City setup'. ( ride height, stiffness, tire pressure, camber ect) Download the file below and extract the contents to...