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  1. I'm not Takumi

    Stuffing a Rotary into a....Fairlady Z? I dunno.....
  2. I'm not Takumi

    Unique Performance raided by the Popo's. So their accused of title-washing. But wait, didn't both Ford and Shelby provide new VIN# to the company to create the "Eleanors" in the first place?
  3. I'm not Takumi

    The $285,000 Lemon.

    Hawaii buyer sues over 'lemon' Lamborghini Yeah, I know it's late, but I didn't notice this article the first time around in the papers. I only saw it after I was prepping my Newspapers for the recycling bin.
  4. I'm not Takumi

    Writers Guild Strike in the USA = Top Gear on the major networks?

    So the Writers Guild in the USA is threatening to go on strike come Monday. This means most, if not all scripted shows and movies will be put on hiatus. And that...
  5. I'm not Takumi

    So....what about Halloween?

    So, what are people gonna do for October 31? I was gonna go to Lahaina, but because of some of my fellow Hawaiians crying like spoiled entitlement babies over cultural insensitivity, and the cops pretty much making even having a rolled up Honolulu Advertiser Sunday Edition illegal to posses...
  6. I'm not Takumi

    I can import what now? Fuck, still no Ford Focus ST....
  7. I'm not Takumi

    Huge Garage Fire I find it confusing he's crying over a 300ZX instead of the Lambo.
  8. I'm not Takumi

    Lady told off: Told she's better off in a VW than a BMW

    Dealer tells woman go back to VW, you don't deserve a BMW. Let's dissect this one-sided bitchfest shall we? So, to rid herself of the Bavarian Iron, she decides to just dump the car at any...
  9. I'm not Takumi

    Bimmer vs. Beamer: I'm confused.

    I've been raised on the established fact that Bimmer refers to the BMW Car, while Beamer refers to the BMW motorbike. But is it a US-centric thing? I was watching AutoTrader and Wheeler Dealers on YouTube, and Mike Brewer for some odd reason kept referring to the BMW Car (A touring 3-Series...
  10. I'm not Takumi

    Peacock has Sex with a Lexus.

    Sorry, but the pics will cost you an additional $19.95.
  11. I'm not Takumi

    Design the 2018 Mazda3 Throw all the crap that Ford refuses to do with the US-Spec Focus and be done with it. :lol:
  12. I'm not Takumi

    Mystery Toyota Spied Because I can't read moon speak:
  13. I'm not Takumi

    Baking Cookies on your Dash Okay.........
  14. I'm not Takumi

    Status Quo threatened by a Pick-Up Truck. I could see if the truck was rolling rusting deathtrap with bad brakes and bald tires, but this? C'mon....
  15. I'm not Takumi

    Do we really need a another Fast and Furious Movie? You heard it here folks: Start grabbing as many GNX chassis, bodies, parts, and cars ASAP!!
  16. I'm not Takumi

    Remeber the Enzo that Crashed?

    No, not the one by the Z-list Eddie Griffin. The one by Stefan Eriksson.,0,3724040.story?coll=la-home-center
  17. I'm not Takumi

    The Mercedes....Viper? And under the wrappings: Must be the final gift of the DaimlerChrysler split.
  18. I'm not Takumi

    Bullitt Mustang in Production....

    ....but Ford took too gawd dang long!!|en&tbb=1&ie=Shift_JIS
  19. I'm not Takumi

    Don't use U-Haul.,0,1068271.story?page=1&coll=sfla-business-headlines Yipes.
  20. I'm not Takumi

    I thought Ford was gonna kill the Crown Victoria?