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  1. TheCleaner

    Dual exhausts? everywhere, but not on the right cars

    Its just something I've noticed which I can't understand. Now from a design perspective, dual exhaust (outlets on both sides) do balance the back out and give a sportier look that tends to differenciate higher models from low ones, but there are some makers what make their higher models not...
  2. TheCleaner

    Can anyone identify this?

    Cannot figure this one out. By the rear intakes it could be a mid engine car which should narrow it down. Rebodied celica 5th gen??
  3. TheCleaner

    Fuel prices in last week, 1p tax increase, where has the other 6p came from!?

    UPDATE Reviving this thread in the midst of another massive price hike (in the space of 12 hours, diesel went from 124.9 to 132.9) with seemingly strange timing; new year was preceeded by 3 normal business days that were pretty much snow free, so no excuses of delivery fuel not getting to the...
  4. TheCleaner

    Who owns who now?

    Is there an updated version of this graphical representation? Thanks
  5. TheCleaner

    Appealing against parking tickets, your success?

    Got my first parking ticket today, and although its somewhat my fault, I feel they are cruel, and am appealing. I paid for one hour parking on a small street, one ticket machine, so i parked up, saw the ticket machine, paid, and left on my business. Then got back to find I had been ticketed...
  6. TheCleaner

    Finding detailed car specs (old mk1 renault clio)

    Can anyone provide links to good info sites with lots of info on specific model cars. Or maybe you are a member of a special register site and can find this info for me. I'm trying to find out about my humble 1.2l 8v Mk1 Clio , specifically, its fuel tank capacity, so i can calculate its...
  7. TheCleaner

    Exhaust fell off and split, legal to drive?

    Shock horror occured while I was out of town to the beach maybe 20 miles away, when all of a sudden the car got very loud. I'd noticed the exhaust was hanging quite low previously, but one of the clips keeping it on had corroded and fell off, leaving the exhaust to support its own weight, in...
  8. TheCleaner

    Charge a car battery with computer PSU

    If you know computers, you'll probs know that the purpose of the psu is to deliver clean voltages of 12, 5 and 3.3 from mains. Each rail has a certain amp rating. Anyway, i was told by a family friend, upon inspecting my dead ass clio that even though i dont have a proper car battery charger...
  9. TheCleaner

    300HP and 70MPG

    well its a concept at present, but if it ends up coming to fruit, it may solve blow hybrids out the water. The car is the Duesenberg Torpedo Coupe Concept. And apparently the engine technology has been around for a long time. Its a CEM engine...
  10. TheCleaner

    Engine puttering question

    This isnt anything to do with a car problem, mainly just an observation. When a car is idling, the exhaust is puttering, maybe twice a second, kind of like waves of exhaust gas coming from, what i used to think, each manifold on each side of the engine (eg a V config engine) then i got to...
  11. TheCleaner

    Is my brake pedal connected to everything!!

    not a literal question of course :lol: , but seriously, i dont know how its happening Issue 1: the brake pedal is turning on my headlights, ive decided not to use the car until its sorted because we all know how dangerous that could be braking to take a left turn, and basically flashing...
  12. TheCleaner

    Veyron around TG track after the world cup?

    I searched and it doesnt seem anything has been posted about this since mid-may with expectation of how it would perform on the tg track, but after reading the veyrons wiki page i noticed this in trivia Im hoping that there is truth in this...
  13. TheCleaner

    Why rpm doesnt stay up in neutral/clutch engaged

    ok i know the overall basics of how an engine works and some things in more detail, but theres a few things ive played with in my mind, Ill keep it as short and sweet as possible (although i will end up ranting, haha) - How does the engine increase rpm in the first place? sound mad? yes i know...
  14. TheCleaner

    Ever heard of...

    Rear demisters breaking the screen.. Im trying to figure out what in hell has smashed my mums rear window. I bought her the car, and was the last to use it just yesterday, and it was absolutly fine, but cant help feel guilty as it suggest I've done something. She said she got in it this...
  15. TheCleaner

    First Car... Clio 1.2?

    ok, so my mum is still a learner driver, and she's just got a 1998 R reg Clio 1.2 for ?250.. First off, is that a good deal? and secondly, are they a decent enough car for a first car. its apparently in good nick but im worried slightly by the mileage.. its about 120000.. i think its a...