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  1. Leppy

    400000 Posts

    I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCK! Well I think I have found the thread to make my return in... Congrats to the 400,000th and to the next 400,000... So... what have I missed?
  2. Leppy

    are german cars built to go faster than 155?

    I thought the limiters were placed on the cars to keep the green party happy with emissions n what not...
  3. Leppy

    I have some obsession with driving economically.

    I guess you guys have a different definition of thrash where you are from...
  4. Leppy

    Heading off... this place has been good....

    Hello everyone!! Man its been a long time since I last post here how is everyone?? Just a little update from me... Got a job as an acoustical engineer just before I graduated with a company called Parsons Brinckerhoff. They are a engineering consultancy firm with about 9500 employees. If any...
  5. Leppy

    5th gear, when does it start?

    That may be the case but Plato was limping to the pits... on the racing line... No matter what series you are in, you don't do that.
  6. Leppy

    Australian V8 Supercars

    Hmm coming late into this convo but I saw it as Ambroses fault... but only like 55% of it. Yeah murph could have fanned the throttle a bit but he was entitled to be there. Ambrose turned in like he was the same as the 4 cars in front of him (single file). If ambrose took the corner side by side...
  7. Leppy

    Australian V8 Supercars

    Meh. One what if is as good as the other. I'm more interested in the cars than the drivers anyways. Always have been cause they don't have egos. They are good or they are not. With the win today, its a drawn series at 5 rounds a piece. Exciting stuff.
  8. Leppy

    Australian V8 Supercars

    And you did. What ifs are stupid because you can justify any point with them... What if every car blew an engine cept for Team Australia... Skaife still won today but man... what if.. Suck up the loss mate. We'll see about the championship as well.
  9. Leppy

    Australian V8 Supercars

    Yeah thats right but you got the greater than sign around the wrong way. Ford<Holden
  10. Leppy

    5th gear, when does it start?

    Yeah cause flipping cars when you are limping home to the pits is fun to see... :thumbsdown:
  11. Leppy

    meteor caught on film

    haha that guy is a beatboxing ace... :P
  12. Leppy

    European Monaro

  13. Leppy

    LS1 V8 Miata conversion.

    Nah thats not the same. Why put a V8 thats so small in a car if you still have to drive it like a 4 cylinder to get power from it. Those engines rev to 10K+ in road spec and 12.5K+ in race spec. Doing something like that isn't a step up at all. Regardless of the power increase that you get.
  14. Leppy

    Would you have a Boxster S or a SLK55??

    Get.... fucked... I would have never known haha
  15. Leppy

    Heading off... this place has been good....

    Haha just read the entire WTF thread and the thing that made me laugh the most was this attempted burn hahahahahaha I read it was like... I must have missed Ren changing his name to Rad. hahaha Oh good times...
  16. Leppy

    Heading off... this place has been good....

    Haha man someone needs to point me in the direction of the thread with the "fight" in it. Sounds like a good read.
  17. Leppy

    5th gear, when does it start?

    Hot dam... This weekend no uni work is getting completed.
  18. Leppy

    A1 grand prix

    I thought it was a timed amount like Indy Carts are.
  19. Leppy

    Your longest road trip?

    Brisbane to Sydney round trip. We should have taken the most direct route but we figured if we go along the coast we can stop whenever we wanted to surf. And we did. 8)