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  1. HaggisHill

    BBC lawyers fight The Stig's bid to lift lid on his identity

    I'd love to read Stig's Story, and his nerdy personal insights into high-performance driving. It would sound a neat book. With the racing career and 8-ish years of TopGear cluster-fuckery anecdotes to share, how would that not be a good read ? It's a pity the whole "identity" thing might doom...
  2. HaggisHill

    [15x05] July 25th, 2010

    Totally Amazing Episode. Watched it 5 times already. Just viewing for the 6th time and I want your input. Opening credits. "Cameron Diaz ... and she's brought along Tom Cruise", cut to Cruise in the RPC laughing his ass off. Watch the internal camera. Is this the live view we have of him...
  3. HaggisHill

    [14x06] December 27th, 2009 [South America Special]

    What an excellent 75mins. Still good on the specials promise I see and across the Andes :) As ever, brilliently filmed with the music and some serious cocking about this time. Stuck in the jungle reminded me of the film Sorcerer/Wages of Fear and amazed they got their junk-mobiles through...
  4. HaggisHill

    [14x02] November 22nd, 2009

    I still think there is room for the odd guest, who isn't a massive car fan, but is mental behind a wheel, to have the oppertunity to post a decent Top Gear lap-time. Mr Sheen is up there with the lushious Jennifer, both mental behind the wheel, two contrasting car fans. SIARPC is hi-score table...
  5. HaggisHill

    Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson faces row over new Gordon Brown slur

    The link below is mainly for the song, so if you've not seen the film "Children of Men" the video is full of spoilers. The song goes with the thread :) Been hearing MP's on the radio moan about giving the NHS more money this year, saying "what tax's...
  6. HaggisHill

    BBC to release series 10 on dvd

    Top Gear seasons on DVD are unpressedented (sp?) :) Seen the thread earlier and re-watched 10x01 for properity. It's a quality opener. May have to do what's mentioned earlier and buy it, but we all know which version will be watched :)
  7. HaggisHill

    [12x08] December 28th, 2008 [Vietnam Special]

    Gets my vote :) Althought they used a cover of Metallica's Orien a few episodes back, which get major points in my book, you can't beat an entire show of 'Nam tunes :) 41:46 - 42:08 : Led Zeppelin - Ramble On
  8. HaggisHill

    [11x06] July 27th, 2008

    classic episode. Laughed most of the way through it. Nice to see Stiggy take a playing role in it. Roll on season 12
  9. HaggisHill

    [11x04] July 13th, 2008

    33:05 - 33:50 - ? [MP3 SAMPLE] Is this in dispute ?
  10. HaggisHill

    [11x04] July 13th, 2008

    Now Mr. Reverb has posted the song title "Little Nellie" it is from You Only Live Twice. Conceeded. *salutes* It's on the Tunderball album tho and my memory is messing with my head :) 24.mp3 Definitly :) Been listening to his Sunshine OST today. Quality :) Hope it gets released one day but...
  11. HaggisHill

    [11x04] July 13th, 2008

    I'm sure this is not from You Only Live Twice. I think it's from Thunderball. Have a listen. Thunderball track at LastFM The one they use on the show sounds different. Probably a polished version of the old song.
  12. HaggisHill

    Top Gear rapped for alcohol use (Polar Special)

    I wonder how many people complained about this ? Been trying to find the numbers, but no luck. Stupid people making stupid complaints, wasting our licence-fee money while someone investigates this. FFS!
  13. HaggisHill

    Origins Of "The Stig" ?

    Hi Chaps and Chapettes, Found this interesting article in my local rag. A story about how Jezza and Mr. Wilman went to the same public school, Repton, which is Derbyshire's posh school down the road. They go on to mention that they called first-year newbies (freshers) "the Stig" which was...
  14. HaggisHill

    Top Gear Cameras?

    Loss in film quality ? The sort of loss converting PAL to NTSC ?
  15. HaggisHill

    NBC to make US version of Top Gear called "Gear"

    Will have to watch it anyway, just to see but... Erm... Have they been watching the same Top Gear that we've all been watching ? Unless he means from a cinematographer's point-of-view, as in "Great light, great setting, great visuals..." Marketeers who have never seen an episode ? They've...
  16. HaggisHill

    [10x09] December 9th, 2007

    Though it sounded familiar. Just watched it again yesterday. Thanks.
  17. HaggisHill

    [10x09] December 9th, 2007

    9:27 - 9:52 - Sounds like something from Lord Of The Rings OST.
  18. HaggisHill

    [10x08] December 2nd, 2007

    Now i've re-watched this episode a little less drunk than the last time :) It's nice to see an Ozzie car reviewed on the show. Take 4 secs off the lap-time for a wet-run and it's still respectable. Nice work skippy :) James Blunt, before this viewing, I really really really dislaike his...
  19. HaggisHill

    [10x08] December 2nd, 2007

    If ssreverb puts it in the list, you're 99% confirmed ;) EDIT: I know 3:40-> but it's eluding me. I'm gonna kick myself when someone IDs it
  20. HaggisHill

    [10x08] December 2nd, 2007

    Hamilron's time in the wet and oily was a bit epic. Stig, for all his driving excellence needs an upgrade to cope with the new fella :) Hat's off to both of them. The BMW bot round Dunsfold track was impressive. Scarey :) May make driving to work a little earier :)