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  1. ja404

    Grand Theft Auto V

    For Rooftop Rumble, first thing I do is call in a Merryweather pickup helicopter, kill the guys from the shrubs, grab the package, snipe the heli pilot, and fly to the drop-off. Haven't timed it, but it seems to be pretty quick, and you do lose the 1k for the chopper every time.
  2. ja404

    Grand Theft Auto V

    If this interests you, this is what I do when grinding Coveted, start to finish is 3 minutes, not counting loading screens: - Snipe the guy at the truck - Reverse the truck to the left, then forward slowly down the hill, on the the right side, until the Cargobob is triggered, then slam on the...
  3. ja404

    If Cadillac Keeps Growing Like This, It'll Be America's Bestselling Luxury Car

    It was a 2013. I agree, the interior is nicer than say my boss's 2008 3'er, definitely nice in it's own right, just preferred the Caddy's.
  4. ja404

    If Cadillac Keeps Growing Like This, It'll Be America's Bestselling Luxury Car

    The handling. The ATS is just silly nimble, the chassis feels a lot stiffer, and it just begs to turn in. Still haven't found it's grip limit (which is quite odd to me since I was so used to pushing the Mustang past 10/10, this thing just sticks and sticks). They were both about the same in...
  5. ja404

    If Cadillac Keeps Growing Like This, It'll Be America's Bestselling Luxury Car

    Test drove a 328i and ATS, bought the ATS. Maybe there's something to this article after all.... :dunno:
  6. ja404

    Is this it? 2015 6th gen Mustang

    Because everybody likes to think they know it all, and just regurgitate whatever they hear on the internet. I have never once experienced anything in my Mustang that made me think negatively of the axle out back. That includes powersliding on these bumpy New England roads.
  7. ja404

    Is this it? 2015 6th gen Mustang

    These are just too similar, bleh
  8. ja404

    Grand Theft Auto V

    You should wait until after you finish the story line before doing these assassination missions. That way, you'll have a lot more money to start with from all the heists. I have max money with all characters (2+ billion) doing it this way, and a lot of shares left over to replenish. When you're...
  9. ja404

    Grand Theft Auto V

    I did exactly that, drove the scuba boat all the way up the coast and then up the river. Beached it once by accident, but was near a road and rammed it back in with a truck. I scuba'd maybe 1/4 of it (just in a straight line), and didn't find anything, but there is a lot more water to cover.
  10. ja404

    2015 Ford Mustang Spied

    Some fellows over on mustang6g were able to produce some pics seen here: I know they wanted to go more modern with it, but to me it just looks too rounded, and too much like the Fusion...
  11. ja404

    Gran Turismo 6

    The onset of traction loss looks significantly more progressive from that demo, very exciting. Also excited for any upgrades to the course generator, love using that thing. Premium/standard thing has never mattered one bit for me, so no cares there. Not so exciting: Am I the only one bothered...
  12. ja404

    Concept: BMW X4 Concept

    And the dilution of the brand continues...
  13. ja404

    3-D Printed Car Is as Strong as Steel, Half the Weight

    Certainly none that I can think of. It's just the whole view of RP being the future that just irks me, especially when people like this try to cash in on it. Without any pressure applied, or controlled cool down rate, a printed part will never be as strong as say an injected molded part, let...
  14. ja404

    3-D Printed Car Is as Strong as Steel, Half the Weight

    Ain't no way ABS is as strong as steel, especially when printed
  15. ja404

    2014 Cadillac CTS Revealed

    This will possibly lead to the best looking wagon... IN THE WORRRRLD
  16. ja404

    Corvette Shooting Brake, anyone?

    The modern styling of the vette makes the FF look like a mid-2000's Hyundai
  17. ja404

    [03x14] March 19th, 2013

    Tanner's reaction to seeing Adam at the top of the mountain was hilarious haha
  18. ja404

    Ownership Verified: Out with the hairdressers car. In with the Pony!

    Awesome car, welcome to the club :cool: I have a good custom green color on my dash, i'll give you the numbers next time i'm in the car.
  19. ja404

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Do you guys have any comprehension of how capitalism works? I bought a mustang gt.... OH NOES, THERE'S A BOSS VERSION NOW? I bought a BRZ..... OH NOES, THERE'S A TURBO VERSION COMING? I bought an ipad... OH NOES, THERE'S A MINI VERSION NOW? You buy the original, then you break down and buy...
  20. ja404

    [03x06] September 25th, 2012

    I literally cried laughing at the maiden flight of Pegasus-1