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    [24x01] March 5th, 2017 - the old track is back!

    I think they went to the series 1 of 2002 Top Gear and replicate that. Overall pretty good VT's but I feel bad to the celebrity to stay over with nothing to do. It is nice now that we can get two 'car' related show again.
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    iPhone / iOS Thread

    Just lurking through the forums for a while. Want to give opinions for Apple battery pack. How hard is it for Apple to give a on off button to the battery ? Because I look at the review, the battery will charge every time you slide the pack in. Even though I really like the design so much, it's...
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    [22x03] February 8th, 2015

    This is one of the better cheap car challenge. Unlike the series 16 with the old BM's. It is definetly scripted, Jeremy couldn't drift that well all the time. But, they seems to enjoy each other in that film.
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    James May's Cars of the People

    I think is now a running gag in the series : Camera car breaking down. Can't wait to see next week :p
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    [21x05] March 2nd, 2014

    Oh No? there's going to be an ad to NFS film which is just too silly (in my mind)
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    Which episode does Jeremy talk about why certain cars are limited in top speed?

    I think its from Clarkson Dvd made in 2007. its his introductory speech for a rover with a massive turbo on it then blew up.
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    Series 20 Filming Started

    Looks like the Vanquish is not for Top Gear UK, its for Top Gear Korea (which happened to film their Aston film in Dunsfold). And the race they've mentioned. Its between an SLS and the Aston
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    A Top Gear Project For School.

    Consider is done... Good luck w/ your project :thumbup:
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    I drive a BLANK, so I must be a BLANK

    I drive a Toyota and a MPV, which means that I giving up my purpose of live :D
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    Random Twitter sightings

    What happened to the car Btw ? It seems that the bentley was lifted up or jacked up ?
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    The Sweeney 2012 Trailer

    I went on the Internet this week and I found this... ::drool:
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    Clarkson: Help! Clarkson tested a red saloon...

    I'm sure it was the MG ZT from season 4
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    Ownership Verified: Viper's 2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10 (A 17+ Year Dream Come True!)

    Congrats on that Viper. It's actually looks good in blue :D. And now I'm envy with you :P
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    Unaired episode footage - The Blue Meanie

    Great ! :D Can we have more of that !!
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    Unaired episode footage - The Blue Meanie

    Great ! :D Can we have more of that !!
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    [18x03] February 12th, 2012

    Probably they doing that because the production model of ST version wasn't ready yet. So instead a destruction of a million pound prototype. They slap the ST badges to the ordinary Focus. And that's my opinion, what 'bout you ?
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    Anyone got Top Gear radio show on Southern Counties Radio?

    Yes ! I put it on my iPhone and it works... :) Apart from the fact I have to converted it first to mp3 format, it works flawlessly :D
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    Top Gear Parody (Eco Car Challenge)

    I think that's video is so amazing to Wilman, so he used it as the basis for S17E06 challenge (i think...)
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    Top Gear at the Movies (DVD&Blu-ray)

    So, that's all the reasons this years DVD isn't as good as the previous one !
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    Top Gear at the Movies (DVD&Blu-ray)

    Emm...Does anybody knows where's the rip of the DVD ? Because it's already November 14th.