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  1. Pininfarina_

    Photo Printing (and editing)

    I'm looking to make some prints for a gift and trying decide on which medium to use. I will be arranging the photos in a 3 x 3 grid on the wall with each photo around the 12" wide range. It's between canvas prints (stretched over a frame) or normal(?) prints framed behind glass; I am open to...
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    Looks like they've changed the rules on the radio restrictions to allow technical information like brake balance and battery management. I'm really looking forward to see what Red Bulls can pull off here. Maybe we'll finally see Vettel back on that top step. Also, I'm surprised he just...
  3. Pininfarina_

    Death of Kevin Ward Jr.

    Video Nascar driver Tony Stewart hits 20 year old Kevin Ward Jr when Ward steps out of his vehicle to confront Stewart after spinning out from contact one lap earlier. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. A lot of keyboard warriors are claiming that Stewart intentionally hit him and that...
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    Source What are your thoughts on this? I for one will pay for the subscription in the near future simply because I love their work Chris Harris. However, in this day and age, is this really a good idea? Looking at their recent ratings and general feedback on youtube, the venture (as expected)...
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    Did we all forget or something, I've never made one of these before I'd like to thank the academy and my mom and my dog When the commentators were describing Massa as having bad luck, I thought, "ffs that's just bad driving, you want bad luck look at Hamilton". And with his chances at victory...
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    Do heavier planes use more fuel?

    During cruising, does a heavier plane consume more fuel than a lighter one? I assume the real world answer is yes, but can someone explain why through a free body diagram or something? When taking off, a heavier plane will use more fuel because it's basically a car at that point. But while in...
  7. Pininfarina_

    Previous/Next buttons not working in games?

    My previous/next buttons for music that are on my keyboard (and mouse as well) only seem to work when I'm on the desktop and not in a full screen application. They were working before and suddenly stopped working while I'm in a game. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Pininfarina_

    Garage Door Openers (parents got robbed)

    So my dad just told me that the lawnmower and a couple tool kits were stolen from their garage today. The entrance did not have any signs of a break in and was locked when he got home. (like who steals shit and locks the door again?) So I'm thinking the thieves somehow managed to open the main...
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    Foobar VS Winamp VS iTunes

    Which of these players do you prefer? I use itunes but I also made this thread to ask for help since I've considered switching to foobar for quite some time now. iTunes' inability to play FLAC is a huge bummer not to mention I'm pretty sure foobar sounds better (?). What I loved about itunes...
  10. Pininfarina_

    Montreal GP Seats (please help!)

    I haven't gone to a GP since I was a kid and so I've really no clue what to expect and do. I'm going to list off a bunch of questions and hope you guys can help me out. Which seats are good to watch from? I was thinking the hairpin for epic downshifts and possible overtakes. How about the main...
  11. Pininfarina_

    TG Korea Helicopter Crash Holy balls, thank god no one was killed. Anybody with aviation knowledge know what could've caused this besides piloting error? And if it was a piloting error, did it occur from carelessness/lack of skill, etc.
  12. Pininfarina_

    Driving gloves

    I want to get a pair of driving gloves for my dad as a gift but really have no clue what to look for in terms of brands and types. It has to be warm enough to be used during Canadian winters (no colder then -5 C most of the time though) and of course, tactile enough to drive with. Has to be...
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    How safe is PayPal

    I have never used it in my life. Is it safe to link your bank account to it? I keep hearing people saying how PayPal can just take funds from your bank account if they wanted to and freeze your account etc etc. How does paying via PayPal actually work? Let's say I wanted to charge 20 bucks to...
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    New phone recommendations

    No keyboard, not iOS. Was looking at the ever popular SGS2. How does it stack up to today's phones?
  15. Pininfarina_

    Internet Problems: Wireless internet is faster than my wired

    My computer that's hooked up to a wired internet connection is getting a significantly reduced speed (in torrents) than my wireless computer. The wired computer is running off a router/modem combo provided by my ISP and my wireless computer is connected to that router through a wireless PCI...
  16. Pininfarina_

    Scary Stories (with a twist!)

    Yesterday my friend showed me an awesome 4chan thread that had scary/paranormal/strange stories that were translated from japanese. However, these were not normal scary stories, there's usually a twist to them that you have to understand before you see what's creepy/strange about them. I'll...
  17. Pininfarina_

    Windows 7 and XP homegroup

    How can I get my XP netbook (acer aspire one) to connect to a windows 7 homegroup? I googled a bunch of solutions and I can't get any of them to work. I tried the method where I created a new user with a password and then "viewed network places" on the XP netbook and my computer/group wasn't...
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    Making a short film

    Any tips on how to film a scary movie? What type of shots should I be looking for? I'm using Sony Vegas to edit; what kind of colour correction settings should I use? What kind of template should I use? Any recommendations for (scary) music? My friends and I are filming a short scary move...
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    Jalopnik: $1.5M Custom Enzo goes for a swim.

    Source Reminds of the "seagull attack" on the Veyron.
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    MKV converting

    I have a MKV file I want to edit in either Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. However, they both don't accept this file format and I was wondering how I should go about to converting it. I tried MKVextractGUI but it produced a very "jittery" output. Any ideas? Bonus points for zero quality loss...