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  1. Polish

    The Grand Tour Podcast on Amazon Audible

    An hour a week? Please do this, thanks.
  2. Polish

    How about we morph the celeb segment into "The Celebrity Grand Prix"

    Just an idea that would make the celebrity segment a whole lot more interesting to me and maybe some other people too. -A large "Celebrity Grand Prix" is held at the end of a series with all celebrities that visit over the course of the series. Head to head racing, think UK version of Long...
  3. Polish

    CHRIS HARRIS!!!!!!!!

    The quality of Chris' automotive journalism is just outstanding. I believe mostly everyone has been in agreeance about this for quite some time, but I just got through some of the videos Chris has done on and was so impressed I had to come here and post about it. Back in days of old...
  4. Polish

    Was heading home from the herb shop yesterday, when I had to pull over because

    of this. A McLaren F1. I've never seen one in person before, and I'm not one to let such an opportunity pass. When I got out of my car and walked up to it, it turns out this particular one is the XP4 Prototype. Only 5 prototypes were ever made, and only 3 of them still exist, which I didn't...
  5. Polish

    Will all three stooges approve of the new Lancia Stratos?

    I think it is absolutely stunning. If it goes as good as it looks, I know I'm sold. I'm thinking it has the potential to be the next car that Clarkson, Hammond and May all agree on. Just a thought. :mrgreen:
  6. Polish

    One of the cutest girls I've seen on Top Gear...

    At least, my opinion anyways. :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump:
  7. Polish

    Why oh why didnt the Stig take the p50 around the test track?

    I demand that all four horsepower of the Peel P50 are stressed to the max by the man with a gravitational pull from his testicles. Come on Top Gear, bring the p50 back once more for the stig!
  8. Polish

    Why arent Top Gear specials 2 hours?

    I mean, talking about the American special made me think, I'm sure they have a TON of footage from the American special and the Polar special. I would be absolutely delighted to have seen another hour of both the American Special and the Polar special. If any of you TG producers are out there...
  9. Polish

    The American Special aired in America = grossly edited

    So, I just caught a re-run of the American special on BBC America. A lot of it was edited. Here are some of the more noticeable parts: The test track. A lot of the footage and jokes over James' caddy going around the track was shortened to just Jeremy saying "It's been 24 days" then it crossed...
  10. Polish

    The American Special is airing tomorrow on BBC America!

    I cannot wait! :mrgreen: The American Special is by far my favorite episode of Top Gear and I'll finally be able to watch it on a proper tely. 8pm PST on BBC America. 8) They better not have edited anything out :mad: