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  1. GTV V6

    The "i made dis" thread

    I made this in 2019, It took a while, my wife was getting stressed. The room is only 2m x 3.2m I did the desks and "towers" in July, then the "Bridge" in October while she was away :), you can see why she was stressed. Unfortunately I didn't take many photos during construction, but you...
  2. GTV V6

    Cancer Sucks

    MWF's heartfelt "Oh Cock" made me burst into tears and wake up my wife. As someone from the Uk living abroad, finalgear has been a huge part of my life. I used to dive on the torrents as soon as they were released and then wait very impatiently for the download to creep up to 100%. After...
  3. GTV V6

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    Los Angeles, what the hell. I remember Hollywood Boulevard was a tasteful and cool place to visit. Now it's like s bloody zoo. You can hardly move between the hotdog stalls, batmen, deadpools, wonderwomen, painters, acrobat troups and guys in the middle who'll put your name on a star. No...
  4. GTV V6

    Awesome Thread

    Whats with the little hump on the top of the 707, makes it look like a 747 lite. I can't find any images with this in Google.
  5. GTV V6

    Idiots + cars = LOL

    I'd drive a gt86 convertible for full price, never mind with 50% off.
  6. GTV V6

    Cool Videos

    Wonder what the 4 cylinder turbo gts will sound like, not so good I guess. Still can't get over Porsche going for a 4 :-(
  7. GTV V6

    Idiots + cars = LOL

    3 things from that video... 1, Why is there so much shit on the hard shoulder ? 2, situational awareness of people sucks 3, why do they need so many cops for one car? Do they get a bonus if they are there at the arrest or something?
  8. GTV V6

    Obituaries Notable people that have passed

    Ron Glass, I only know him as Shepherd Book from Firefly. He filled that role perfectly.
  9. GTV V6

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    Vueling Airlines... It's going to be delayed, so they should have some sort of flexible check in time to compensate. The last 4 flights I've taken with them have been delayed by 2.5, 3,1 and 1.5 hours (todays)
  10. GTV V6

    Manual, Brown, Diesel, Wagon !

    The Spanish govt. thinks 19c per KM is sufficient, so anything above that is taxed at a variable rate depending on your yearly earnings. I get 32c per km, before tax, but it comes out at about 26c after tax. Even then, if I do about 25000 km/year, I should gain about ?3000 per year (after all...
  11. GTV V6

    Manual, Brown, Diesel, Wagon !

    Since I got this car, I've been filling up at a supermarket using cheap diesel (Ave 93 euro cents/l) However I noticed that the economy has been getting gradually worse. It went from 4.6 to 5.1l/100km. So last week I filled it up with normal diesel from Repsol, I've been really surprised...
  12. GTV V6

    Manual, Brown, Diesel, Wagon !

    My job has recently changed, so I have to travel around Spain a lot. As a Service technician, I have to take tools and spare parts with me. Unfortunately, my company does not provide me with a car, though they do pay me per km. My Audi TT is neither practical or economical enough. After many...
  13. GTV V6

    The Arduino Thread

    I made a little box to control the anti fog mirror in our bathroom. It has a cheap arduino nano clone I got from china for about ?7, a humidity sensor, a light sensor, a relay and an old usb PSU. I also hacked up the code I found for the humidity and light sensor so that it only turns the...
  14. GTV V6

    China's Transit Elevated Bus

    So what if there is a truck in the middle lane instead of a car ?, 1200 people stuck in a trafic jam just like everyone else .
  15. GTV V6

    Future of the Inline 6?

    Jaguar could be really clever here and make the new I6 with !!! NO PLASTIC COVER OVER THE ENGINE !!! A nice cam cover harking back to the XK would make a whole new lot of fan boys and make the old timers misty eyed. It would be so easy too and maybe even cheaper than having to design loads of...
  16. GTV V6

    Cars with stupidly large engines [Plane, Tank, Boat]

    Here`s another one... Rover meteor tank engine (Rolls Royce merlin without the superchargers, manufactured by Rover) in a Rover SD1 The thing I like about this is that it has a 27 litre badge on the back, the normal Rover SD1 came with the 2.7 litre inline 6 too, could be confusing.
  17. GTV V6

    News: Porsche 718 (Boxster & Cayman)

    Me too, looks great, sounds like a turbodiesel. Edit, just listened again, there are turbodiesels that sound way better than that.
  18. GTV V6

    3D Printing

    Here's mine, obviously not quite finished yet, I got it just before christmas, but work has been a bit of a pain recently. It's a Reprap Prusa V3 clone with an aluminium frame. Got it from a place in Spain for 395 euros for the complete Kit. I've got most of the mechanical stuff done...
  19. GTV V6

    Obituaries Notable people that have passed

    Aw shit, my childhood is crashing around my ears recently. Shed a tear remembering Joanna Lumleys striptease and Kenny Everett bending his microphone.
  20. GTV V6

    Assembly line videos

    Wow that corvette video is shocking. PUT ON A MASK AND SOME GLOVES for goodness sake ! Fibreglass is horrible stuff to work with and all the solvents too, I can't imagine laying it up without either. At least the paint spaying guy and the guy sanding the parts down had masks on.