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  1. xkwilson

    CNET Car Tech

    Hi all, CNET has launched a new section called Car Tech. It basically reviews the latest gadgets fitted to a car. Guys and gals interested can go to this site.
  2. xkwilson

    Tonite's Top Gear 23 May 2004

    The show on 23 May you'll find: The ?100 car dash Hammond drives the Dodge Charger Ferrari 360 CS put through its paces by the Stig The Stig also tests the Porsche 911 GT3 round the track Jordan is the Star in a reasonably priced car
  3. xkwilson

    Top Gear New Season First Episode Highlights

    Got the highlights of the new episode starting 9th May. Here they are In the meantime, in the show on 9 May you'll find: Aston's DB9 put through its paces Rover's CityRover evaluated Lotus Exige takes on Apache Fay Ripley of Cold Feet is our Star in a reasonably priced car More info can...