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  1. ja404

    2015 Ford Mustang Spied

    Some fellows over on mustang6g were able to produce some pics seen here: I know they wanted to go more modern with it, but to me it just looks too rounded, and too much like the Fusion...
  2. ja404

    Only 8 episodes this season? What gives?

    Surprised to find out that today's episode is the season finale. Are they planning on running a split series? I haven't been able to find anything about their future plans.
  3. ja404

    Mileage vs. Level

    How many miles have you guys driven? And what is your A/B spec level? I've driven 4245 miles; A-26, B-7. I'm at 58% completion.
  4. ja404

    Historic Race Cars

    Has anyone done this challenge yet? It's in the Expert hall I think. All the cars in the race are at least 15 million credits. I tried it with a fully modded Countach and got silver in both races but stood no chance of catching the Chaparral 2J. I've heard that the first gen Camaro and Charger...
  5. ja404

    I think my neighbor works for Ford...

    Last year he had an F-150 Raptor, now he has this pre-production Fiesta. The color looks amazing in person (Yellow Blaze), it really stands out. I think i'll drive by his house more often...
  6. ja404

    "Audi To Build R4 Electric Roadster"

    Link: Looks alright, i'm sure it will be priced unreasonably.
  7. ja404

    Help me move to LA!

    Well, i'm in a bit of a predicament. Me and m'lady are hitting the road July 25th to move to LA. Between then and now we are getting married (7/11) and going on a honeymoon (7/13-7/23). Right now we live in MA. That makes it somewhat tricky for us to check out apartments given the few thousand...
  8. ja404

    My Demo Derby Build/Race

    For my bachelor party, my groomsmen decided to buy me a car and enter me in a demolition derby. I was a little skeptical at first but it was awesome prepping the car and driving it in the derby. The car was a 1985 Olds Delta 88 Royale Brougham, 307 V8 (which ran unbelievably smooth after...
  9. ja404

    Buick = Most Reliable?

    J.D. Power and associates named Buick and Jaguar as most reliable brands, who knew? Press release here -->
  10. ja404

    Obama's car for sale

    Guess he was taking too much heat for driving a V8, so he's selling his 300C...
  11. ja404

    Veyron Power Lap

    Ok, since the Veyron will probably never be put around the track I have come up with a model to predict it. The model is based on almost all the cars that have completed power laps (in the dry) vs. their power to weight ratio. I fit a logarithmic and power trend through the data, the power trend...