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  1. Shaman

    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    Haha, have one of those.. bought it when i was in Alaska.. contrary to the sentence on the mug.. didn't have all that much of a blast :D
  2. Shaman

    Game: Assetto Corsa

    Thx for info, got it for 17?...
  3. Shaman

    Game: Assetto Corsa

    I installed the software via the cd.. it's just the matter of ingame setup and will :)
  4. Shaman

    Game: Assetto Corsa

    I tried having a go with a logitech f710.. didn't bother too much with setting up the controls.. on the default settings it feels to sensitive and you can easily go from no steering to full lock.. but i presume that if you play with the sensitivity and other setting you can get some results..
  5. Shaman

    Cool Videos

    And now.. something completely different...
  6. Shaman

    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    Great work by the chief mate.. not noticing the cracks on the hull.. probably didn't even bother to check.. A bit of rough sea cant split a ship of that size in two in such a short time..
  7. Shaman

    Euro 2012

  8. Shaman

    Post your Achievements - New Jobs, Academic......

    Got my first job after my graduating from college... I'm going on this little pecker.. I'm an engine cadet, and i'll work around a loud, mean 11000 HP diesel engine.. and all the other machines in the engineroom.. for 6 months.. yay.. :D
  9. Shaman

    The Music Thread

  10. Shaman

    Your most commenly quoted lines.

    It ain't over till the fat lady sings...
  11. Shaman

    Awesome Thread

    Smooth criminal on two chellos... Awesome...
  12. Shaman

    Extracting PDF page > Editing > Printing problem

    Thx but i managed to make something out of it... I used Foxit reader to extract the page in Microsoft office document imaging file, then i saved it as TIFF file, oppened with IrfanView, saved it as JPEG and now is editable in photoshop! :)
  13. Shaman

    Extracting PDF page > Editing > Printing problem

    Ok.. i managed to make some progres.. I managed to make a Microsoft Office Document Image file in right dimensions.. but now i have to edit the picture by using photoshop, photoshop doesnt reckognize the document when i try to oppen it directly and when i try copy - pasting the image from MODI...
  14. Shaman

    Extracting PDF page > Editing > Printing problem

    Hi... I have a massive problem that i can't or dont know how to solve. I'm writing a graduating paper and i have to place a certain scheme into it... The problem is that that scheme is a part of an protected PDF file which doesnt allow me to just take a snapshot within the Adobe PDF Reader...
  15. Shaman

    The Euro 2012 qualifying thread

    That's neither a good result for me and my betting acc :lol:
  16. Shaman

    The Euro 2012 qualifying thread

    England held to a draw with Montenegro! :clap:
  17. Shaman

    livescore portal web design

    Thx for your reply.. :) I presumed that it must cost a lot of money to acquire a license... Nah, i think that is a failed attempt but i had an idea. and i just had to ask to see if it was possible to make some money out of that with a low budged... :D
  18. Shaman

    livescore portal web design

    first things first, i'm a total newb at web desing and i'm just informing my self (if anybody can provide information) about making a sports livescore portal shuch as I want to know as much as i can before handing the project over to somebody who is a bit more professional in that...
  19. Shaman

    Yugo on sale for the price of a new Nissan Versa

    Meh... you can buy a Yugo in Croatia for 50? Q. What comes with every Yugo User's Manual? A. The bus schedule. Q. Why does a Yugo have rear a window defroster? A. To keep your hands warm as you push it. Q. What do you call a Yugo at the top of a big hill? A. A miracle! :D