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  1. Mike Nassour

    Clarkson: Clarkson apologises and settles ?100,000 racial discrimination claim

    It's all for the best...get it completely behind everyone and move on.
  2. Mike Nassour

    [22x08] June 28th, 2015 [The Final Clarkson, Hammond, & May Episode]

    I don't think I've ever seen an emptier studio...and I've seen a lot of them. 10/10 guys...thanks for all the fun, the laughter, the memories.
  3. Mike Nassour

    Clarkson: The Weekly Times Comment Column by Jeremy Thread

    And thank you for giving me the opportunity to post this guide to UK newspapers, as determined by that show of shows....Yes, Minister.
  4. Mike Nassour

    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    If not having a plate of food delivered, even after a hard day, was enough to make Clarkson "snap", then Jeremy has issues that must be addressed, issues that are more important than the show. It's been a bad 12 months for him and not much better for the show as a whole. Time to take a year's...
  5. Mike Nassour

    Top Gear live

    I saw the last Sydney show on BBC America the other day. But did it ever show in the UK?
  6. Mike Nassour

    [22x00b] December 28th, 2014 [Patagonia Special, Part 2]

    It's certainly no Vietnam....easily the worst of the recent specials. This was the first time I've stopped an episode (part 1) because it was simply boring, that was the same old gags they've done in the past and I could predict everything that would happen.
  7. Mike Nassour

    [22x00b] December 28th, 2014 [Patagonia Special, Part 2]

    The only redeeming parts were 1) Jeremy speaking about his father 2) the scenery and 3) the amazing photography, as usual. Otherwise, this was a waste of time. It's painfully obvious the "take three inappropriate cars to the hinterlands" formula has been wrung out and is no longer not only...
  8. Mike Nassour

    [22x00a] December 27th, 2014 [Patagonia Special, Part 1]

    Stunning scenery...not much else, I'm afraid.
  9. Mike Nassour

    Clarkson: Any news on Clarkson?

    Absolutely, sir. And even beyond that Clarkson, for all his horsing around, is a truly professional television presenter. He should know better than to utter that rhyme on camera, much less anything that might sound like that word while the cameras might be rolling. He knows every mic is...
  10. Mike Nassour

    Clarkson: The Weekly Times Comment Column by Jeremy Thread

    And at the risk of being repetitive, THANK you!
  11. Mike Nassour

    [21x01] February 2nd, 2014

    I honestly thought this was one of the least interesting episodes in years. They milked the cheap cars far too long and the "police" chase was a snoozer. Thank goodness they more than returned to form with 21X2.
  12. Mike Nassour

    [21x02] February 9th, 2014

    Not a single weak spot in it, for the first time in years. Of course the "race" was secondary to the shots in the piece. The whole point is to show off the car and let Jeremy have some fun on the water. The military piece was a great tribute to the Brits who have served in that horrible war...
  13. Mike Nassour

    What segments do you miss from the earlier seasons?

    Let's make it car challenges and the Cool Wall!
  14. Mike Nassour

    BBC America - Uverse

    I think the only way to get BBC-HD at this point in time is 1) Dish Network and 2) SOME Time Warner cable systems. Anyone out there with it on Comcast?
  15. Mike Nassour

    The who have Top Gear insulted this week thread

    Yea, Americans can have a good sense of humor, but we tend to be sensitive on some subjects (see: Vietnam). If the observation is true, we can just shake our heads, grin, and say, "yea, right". But if it's not deserved, such as Jeremy's worn out line about all Americans being fat, then it's...
  16. Mike Nassour

    [18x03] February 12th, 2012

    I don't think anyone can claim they mailed it in, it was obvious that a lot of work went into The Sweeney segment. But for all the work that went into it, the entertainment value was severely lacking. Perhaps if each of we viewers had been versed in how motion pictures are made, we could have...
  17. Mike Nassour

    [18x03] February 12th, 2012

    I didn't remember that, was that on the website? Do you have a link?
  18. Mike Nassour

    [18x03] February 12th, 2012

    Well.....that was a nice first post. :rolleyes: With no disrespect intended, did you just sign in for that?
  19. Mike Nassour

    [18x01] January 29th, 2012

    Once again, 9 of 10. Thank you Mr. Wilman, for an excellent start. Too bad the SIARPC was, well, lacking. It's great when you roll the dice on one big piece and it works!
  20. Mike Nassour

    2012 Formula 1 Season Thread

    We're back! Yaaay!:D Well, hopefully. Here's the press release.... Myself...I think Red McCombs was just convinced to cough up ALL the money. He's as rich as anyone in the state, IIRC. Also, the race is in November (thank GOD!) so we won't melt under the 100 degree plus (35c) Texas sun...