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  1. Plexface

    Geneva 2008: Mitsubishi Lancer Prototype-S

    Hmm.. Yeah, you're right it looks better than the scooby.. But then again I've always preferred the dark side :P
  2. Plexface

    Production BMW X6 photos (56k not happy)

    Seems more like something they made simply so they could use a X6 instead of the X5 in the marathon rallies (Dakar etc.) I mean the back end kinda reminds me of the VW Touareg rally raid car.
  3. Plexface

    Geneva 2008: Ford Kuga

    Kuga kinda sounds like some evil monster that people in Horror movies pray to.. Like Dagon ( - yeah, I watched it :P)
  4. Plexface

    Geneva 2008: Aston Martin Vantage RS

    Just lovely.. And with more power too. If this goes into production I'm gonna start to pray to the car gods, face towards the aston plant, twice a day :bow:
  5. Plexface

    Geneva 2008: Audi TT TDI

    Diesel are good for two types of cars: The everyday cars and endurance racing cars.. Not for sports cars..
  6. Plexface

    Ariel Atom 500 V8

    It would probably fly if you put wings on it :P
  7. Plexface

    PlayStation Network IDs

    Is it working fine on the PAL PS3?
  8. Plexface

    They Think We're Stupid

    Survival of the "not so stupid" :thumbsup:
  9. Plexface

    They Think We're Stupid

    Rip-off from another forum...
  10. Plexface

    No Country for Old Men

    Watching the premiere here in Norway tonight, really looking forward to it..
  11. Plexface

    PlayStation Network IDs

    PSN ID: Plexface Motorstrom Madden NFL 08 I'm a student so I can't afford any new games for a while. Though I might pay for GT5 Prologue when it hits the euro market anyway :P
  12. Plexface

    Ariel Atom 500 V8

    Give me a warm, wind/waterproof suit, a helment and fit some studded tires, and I'll take it for a ride on some icy/snowy mountain roads :P
  13. Plexface

    Ariel Atom 500 V8

    Damn, I want that one bad. Come to think of, that's the sort of thing I could marry if it was allowed :hump:
  14. Plexface

    BMW Announces pricing for the M3 Coupe and Sedan - Official Price: $57,275 / $54,575

    Hey's 100 000 EUR ain't bad, in Norway the base price of the new M3 Coupe is approx. 171 000 EUR..
  15. Plexface

    Mazda Furai & RX-8 Facelift at 2008 NAIAS

    I'm pretty sure rotary engines are banned from a lot of FIA Race classes, including 24h Le Mans..
  16. Plexface

    2008 Mercedes SLK

    Each time I see wood or something that's made to look like it in a car, I get sick :barf:
  17. Plexface

    Mercedes Benz CLC

    word.. this car belong at the bottom of some nasty radioactive river...
  18. Plexface

    Mitsubishi Concept S

    This looks kinda, nice... Maybe an S3 killer?
  19. Plexface

    Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

    It's worth atleast half the fee..