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  1. alternatengine

    Petition to lower Petrol Prices (IMPORTANT)

    Petition to reduce Fuel duty to bring fuel prices back to an acceptable level... ... anything has to be worth a try! Please post in all forums you are a member of. You may not believe it but if there's enough signatures something will be done. The government are forced to look at the issue...
  2. alternatengine

    Eye Candy

    Maybe it's just me. But does anyone else notice that theres usually one or 2 stunning birds in the audience of Top Gear. I've just been watching one of the many episodes specifically 12/June/2005. When their doin the news the Lady :shock: with the pink top. If my screenshot worked i would...
  3. alternatengine

    Next Chop

    New to the site and love photoshop. When's the next one so i can enter?
  4. alternatengine

    The Stig

    Hi guys I am new to the site so pretty unsure of whether this has been discussed before but i found a rather interesting article which may or may not titilate you. :shock: