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  1. alternatengine

    Petition to lower Petrol Prices (IMPORTANT)

    When you start paying the equivelant of $2.20 for a litre of petrol you'll understand anything is worth a try.
  2. alternatengine

    Petition to lower Petrol Prices (IMPORTANT)

    Petition to reduce Fuel duty to bring fuel prices back to an acceptable level... ... anything has to be worth a try! Please post in all forums you are a member of. You may not believe it but if there's enough signatures something will be done. The government are forced to look at the issue...
  3. alternatengine

    Britcar - TG vs 5G

    Fifth gear would probably have the competitive edge. That however ain't really important as i would much prefer to be a fly on the wall in top gears pit!
  4. alternatengine

    Photoshop your own Stig!!

    I need pics of the stig to do the shop's anyone recommend anywhere?
  5. alternatengine

    James May: Top Toys on BBC2 tonight 8pm

    RIP? (No it's not code for Rest In Peace)
  6. alternatengine

    December Exercise 1 RESULTS

    Interesting results? Thanks for posting!
  7. alternatengine

    December Exercise 1 RESULTS

    Such a difficult subject. With it being difficult people had to think out of the box. Good work guys. For some reason the results table doesn't seem to be working for me. any chance of it in another format. I'll get ya'll next time Muhahahahaha. (I KNOW I'm A RETARD FOR FUCKING UP THE SIZE...
  8. alternatengine

    Top gear jumping a car on a... [possible spoiler]

    Ah'll Dae It. Gimme the car show me where to drive. Whoomph I'm away.
  9. alternatengine

    Will the Veyron blitz the Top Gear Track?

    Top Gear finished like 2 seconds ago. And I'm bemused they never put the Veyron round the track? EDIT Too add sorry for the stupidity I've just read above. Kinda wish i'd kept up to date with this topic. I'm very disappointed!
  10. alternatengine

    Stig Introduction Competition

    Some say his spawn will promote the uprising of the apocolypse using notes from an exhaust, and his real name is "wierd name" in another language. All we know is he's called the STIG. Some say he broke his swedish penis enlarger while customing a new intake for his Reliant, others whisper that...
  11. alternatengine

    I know who the STIG is

    Unfortunately the pic IS a necessary requirement. AND what car did you do that time in? AND what kind of pace car was it?
  12. alternatengine

    December Exercise 1

    Entry done.
  13. alternatengine

    I know who the STIG is

    The various Stig thing i would say is dodgy as if A STIG I.E. PERRY can talk there is more chance of it happening with more stigs. ( I HOPE YOU UNDERSTOOD THAT.) If someone is willing to we can work out the exact height of the stig 1. Take various screenshots where Stig and Jeremy are in the...
  14. alternatengine

    Which bit of TG you consider the funniest ever?

    1.All of the above 2.All of the below 3.All the stuff you were thinking about saying but didn't 4. Everything else TG ROCKS!
  15. alternatengine

    can someone tell me which episode?

    The episode is dated 31/10/2004 or 10.31.2004 (AMERICAN)
  16. alternatengine

    What's your car?

  17. alternatengine

    Eye Candy

    Good call on Green top girl when i get a chance i'll make it a priority to find someone better :)
  18. alternatengine

    What's your car?

    Unfortunately mate any thing i told you would be conjecture.
  19. alternatengine

    What's your car?

    Waiting for some good weather mate but i'll definately be at some track days and probably Crail/Santa Pod too.
  20. alternatengine

    What's your car?

    Think i've just spunked my load at the road T16. 55,000euro's how much is that in pounds? :? I sat in an EVO II Group B Car 537bhp, felt like Ari Vatinnen there was a cool pic in a scottish modified mag called Fast & Modified where me and 2 friends were doing the "We're not worthy pose" in...