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  1. *CoSmOs*

    FinalGear Shirts & Vinyls Fall 2009 Order Thread

    I liked my silly message! (no duties paid either... w00t!)
  2. *CoSmOs*

    FinalGear Shirts & Vinyls Fall 2009 Order Thread

    Got my shirts! Very, Very pleased~! thanks guys!
  3. *CoSmOs*

    God damn you BBC legal department!

  4. *CoSmOs*

    Top Gear crashed Ferrari Enzo?

    think of the insurance deductable!!! :oops:
  5. *CoSmOs*

    How did you learn about Top Gear?

    i dont remember exactly when, but it was on BBc Canada. i only discovered this season (thanks to bit torrent) that the show is actually an hour long. on BBc Canada they cut it to half an hour... *ugh* :roll:
  6. *CoSmOs*

    Top Gear's New Season

    damn straight!!!
  7. *CoSmOs*

    Top Gear's New Season

    if they were to star over it really wouldn't be all bad, i mean that blind guy was f*ckin hillarious, with clarkson screaming like a little girl next to him! imagine that on a track clarkson doesn't know in his sleep! :twisted:
  8. *CoSmOs*

    I know who the STIG is

    i always thought the stig was a woman. *snicker*
  9. *CoSmOs*

    Top Gear's New Season

    Where is Enstone Airfield ? i mean more specifically than just the UK.
  10. *CoSmOs*

    Top Gear's New Season

    so the season is over... but when does it return?!? :?: