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  1. TheCleaner

    [19x04] February 17th, 2013

    7/10 I like ordinary car based segments to be fair (fave episodes are used car challenges on budgets), and the hot hatch segment was alright. I think kia must be paying for airtime in the way of wasting a load of new cars on rugby (never that entertained by car sports matches). As long as our...
  2. TheCleaner

    Dual exhausts? everywhere, but not on the right cars

    For me, small engined cars like hatchbacks best suit a central exhaust outlet. That central exhaust can be split slightly, and it seems to give the benefits of symmetry without the perceived 'fakeness' of dual outlets that are on the outer extremes of the back. Examples: note: I know some of...
  3. TheCleaner

    Dual exhausts? everywhere, but not on the right cars

    wow, this topic went right off.. I was just going to chip in with Merc and the clk55 amg, which, for something with a 5.4l V8, only got a single side.
  4. TheCleaner

    Dual exhausts? everywhere, but not on the right cars

    Yeah i meant looks wise, which lets face it, looks sell, as does a bit of uniqueness (something to show that your debadged 550i is the big V8 without having to badge it as such, and anoraks like us can give a nod of approval) That why its strange when manufacturers dont really show that its a...
  5. TheCleaner

    Dual exhausts? everywhere, but not on the right cars

    Its just something I've noticed which I can't understand. Now from a design perspective, dual exhaust (outlets on both sides) do balance the back out and give a sportier look that tends to differenciate higher models from low ones, but there are some makers what make their higher models not...
  6. TheCleaner

    Fuel prices in last week, 1p tax increase, where has the other 6p came from!?

    Thought I would bring this thread back as it will be interesting to see how the prices have already changed and will change even more with the VAT increase coming in on tuesday. I filled up at 124.9 on new year, and then passed a station selling diesel at 132.9! and this being before the VAT...
  7. TheCleaner

    Can anyone identify this?

    many thanks people!
  8. TheCleaner

    Can anyone identify this?

    Cannot figure this one out. By the rear intakes it could be a mid engine car which should narrow it down. Rebodied celica 5th gen??
  9. TheCleaner

    I have no idea what it is, do you?

    Wow, excellent mystery spot, get it sent to autoblog/worldcarfans and take credit for spotting it. Only ever seen round exhaust like that, with a number plate between them, on an f430 scuderia. I thought it was an artega at first but nothing like the back of one... [searching italian small car...
  10. TheCleaner

    Any ideas on how to make a Ka none girly ?

    Seriously, invest as little money as humanly possible (you must learn to love scrapyards!), and just enjoy thrashing those bicycle wheels! My first car was a 98' clio, cost me ?250.. my mods consisted of going to the scrapyard and getting new central locking sensors, and some engine parts to...
  11. TheCleaner

    Fuel prices in last week, 1p tax increase, where has the other 6p came from!?

    so much for the price hike being attributed to the easter bank holiday weekend because 1 week on and its gone even higher now. 121.9.. an extra 2p in 5 days... This is always the same Shell station I use which previously has much more stable prices and tends to be the cheapest of the 'proper'...
  12. TheCleaner

    Fuel prices in last week, 1p tax increase, where has the other 6p came from!?

    I was going to say.. its high was around $148/b in mid 2008, but it is at thios present time around $87.. yet the pumps are the same. Not even with the weak ?-$ exchange does it make sense. Are we just so used to being shafted and the price of fuel rising that we dont give a toss anymore? I...
  13. TheCleaner

    Fuel prices in last week, 1p tax increase, where has the other 6p came from!?

    UPDATE Reviving this thread in the midst of another massive price hike (in the space of 12 hours, diesel went from 124.9 to 132.9) with seemingly strange timing; new year was preceeded by 3 normal business days that were pretty much snow free, so no excuses of delivery fuel not getting to the...
  14. TheCleaner

    No 56k: Cars & Coffee 3/14/2010 Reventon finally showed up

    Still making videos of them exiting the lot? or have the police now started to wait at the exit to ensure noone reaches top speed in 1st. I loved the sounds they made! especially crazy was the little dragster and the exelero!
  15. TheCleaner

    Welcome to vBulletin 4! Leave all vB4 feedback/bugs here.

    Just one small thing from me Next to the threads page count in the forum view on the old theme you used to be able to click an arrow which seemed to use a cookie to take you to the first unread post relative to when you last looked at that thread. I know there is a link to go to the last post...
  16. TheCleaner

    [14x07] January 3rd, 2010

    nice episode, I much prefer lots of segments rather than one or two big ones, unless its a special like bolivia or a race like slr/veyron. was very interested in the x6 as my uncle just got one with that 35d engine too.. he wont be pleased! but he has said its cheaper to tax than the range...
  17. TheCleaner

    [16x07] July 20th, 2009

    decent enough episode. 7/10 Bus thing, kind of ok, but living in the shadow of top gear bus race which I watched not too long ago. I agree with most that this could have been shorter to allow a longer TTRS segment. TTRS seg was good but short, more 5cyl sounds please! Speaking of TT's, upto...
  18. TheCleaner

    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    I believe so yes... though you can select other options.. the list is pretty thorough... I also got a passenger ride in an RS6 saloon from a F3000 race driver. I never thought such a big car could be chucked about so violently and not rip in the middle or something!!.. 4 wheel drifts all over...
  19. TheCleaner

    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch of the R8 V10 at Silverstone. Spent the day in the BRDC Clubhouse, though sadly missed getting a pic of the R10 race car and driver Allan McNish, DOH! Anyway, there were more R8's than you could shake a stick at! and that includes V10's...
  20. TheCleaner

    My Personal Car Reviews, Part 5: VW Scirocco

    my diesel is pretty rev happy too.. 5krpm, but absolutely no grunt after 4000 really. its pretty refined though at those engine speeds. The reason its got that engine though, at least here in the UK, is tax, and the possibility of it to be be allowable as a company car, as i imagine it meets...