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  1. snq

    My Volvo 244 Turbo Project

    Well I figured I'd start a thread about the Volvo 244 turbo I'm fixing up, to show the world that not all Volvos are slow and have caravans behind them ;) It all started in september 2005, when I came across a 1981 244 turbo for a good price. I already had a couple of 240s but I wanted one that...
  2. snq

    Looking for good mediacenter software

    Ok, so I'm building this little mediacenter PC and I need some mediacenter software. It doesn't need to have any TV/recording functions, as long as it can play movies and mp3 (also over LAN) and has a decent interface I'm happy. Also I should not have to wait for 5 mins after powering up the...
  3. snq

    Making LFS not flicker?

    I'm getting more and more annoyed by the flickering of LFS.. For example the lines on the track or the fences at the side, or the curbs. So I did a little test.. I have a Geforce 6600 gfx card and I put all options for LFS to the max just for testing.. 1600x1200 32 bit, 8xAA, 16xAF. Usually I...
  4. snq

    I'm confused.. Someone explain please :)

    As the topic says, I'm confused :) I got S1 unlocked now and S2 demo. So here's what I'm wondering about ;) For what I understood, when you guys race you first run demo (S2 demo?) and then S1? Is it possible to use the S1 full version cars in S2 demo? When I click one of them it tells me to...