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  1. Ruddeger

    Top Gear in Australia

    The guys are currently in the Northern Territory in Australia filming.Now as long as Jeremy doesn't drop the N word or have a number plate with something like ABO123,all should be right :mrgreen:
  2. Ruddeger

    BBC Knowledge to fast track TG S19 in Aus

    Foxtel channel BBC Knowledge will show series 19 of Top Gear just days after it airs in the UK.For those without Foxtel you'll either have to download or wait a few months for Nine or GO to show it. And it looks like Top...
  3. Ruddeger

    TGA on DVD

    It's seems there's a TGA DVD being released on March 3rd Dunno if it's the Nein eps or the SBS eps or a mixture of bits and pieces from all eps.
  4. Ruddeger

    Shane and the TGUK guys on ACA

    Shane Jacobson and the Top Gear UK guys were on ACA last night at the Top Gear Live show in Dublin
  5. Ruddeger

    Cheap Top Gear books and calendars

    If anyone is looking for cheap Top Gear books or calendars for christmas,try this site I just got the The Big Book of Top Gear 2011 and the 2011 calendar delivered today and all up it was around $28.Delivery is free and it only took around 2 weeks to arrive.In...