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  1. ricochet

    Tanner Foust Dishes on his Co-Hosts

    While filming in Barcelona, I chatted with Tanner and asked him to share his thoughts about just how skilled his co-stars are behind the wheel. This led to a short but amusing exchange on Twitter between Tanner and Adam last Friday.
  2. ricochet

    Ken Block enters WRC - Interview

    Ken Block (founder of DC Shoes and driver for Subaru Rally Team USA) announced last week he's going into the WRC as part of the newly formed and Ford backed Monster World Rally Team. He'll also be contesting the Rally America Championship in a Ford Fiesta prepared by Olsbergs. Part 1 of the 3...
  3. ricochet

    DSTV Webcasting Live

    Love our show, hate it or indifferent about it, we're going to start a new series for 2009 and this time we're going to do it live from our studio in Redmond, Wash. Thought you may like a head's up. Tonight we're going to feature the 2009 Honda Fit Sport. The live webcast starts at 10pm (pst)...
  4. ricochet

    2007 Doo Wops Rally Video

    Event coverage of the annual performance rally on the coast of Washington State, Doo Wops: Or, watch the higher-res version here:
  5. ricochet

    New Show: Driving Sports Video

    Just posted a new mini-episode. Full series starts in june. Interested in feedback from all the fifth/top gear fans. Cheers,