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    Bumblebee hits a police SUV

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    So I acquired an Xbox 360

    So my friend went to Futureshop the other day to buy a laptop, which had one of those decent deals which they would hook you up with a free Xbox 360 after purchasing a laptop computer. So he got the xbox, and I successfully pulled off trading my old Wii with the works for his newly acquired...
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    Unique Funeral

    Hope it's not a repost sauce Putting the "Fun" back in "Funeral"? :dunno:
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    Parking Violation Ticket WIN

    Somebody fighting a parking ticket in Australia... The ticket, along with a lovely dispute letter eventually they responded with this WIN
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    Lambo Town

    maybe the wrong forum but I put it here anyway... glorious pictures, I would love to see some high-res :cool:
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    Video Gaming Addiction

    An interesting little article that puts video gaming into another perspective.. Read moar here (sauce) For those wondering WTF happened in Korea
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    Lexus handpicks drivers for LF-A

    Source Want an LF-A? You don't just need $350,000.. all you cool cats might not be good enough for it either ;)
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    Kickin' It Oldschool

    Hey guys, just something I wanted to share with ya.. My father had purchased a 1970's Honda Civic (First Generation) a while back in February 2008, and just recently, with a year and a bit, a few grand, quite a bit of man hours and a lot of time hunting for parts, he has completely restored it...
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    RHD in an LHD World

    For those who drive a JDM or an RHD car in Canada or the US, how is it, and what may be things to look out for? I'm asking this because I'm probably gonna get a car of the kind mentioned above in the foreseeable future. Anybody wanna share their opinions?
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    That SUCKS

    top down S2000 + paint spill = Sucks Some chick had her tailgate open, which threw house paint all over this S2000. owner's pchop sauce
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    I'm not sure if any of you guys have a little gaming personality in them FPS wise, but I'm gonna post this here just in case to see what you guys think. Today, my friend made me a deal, but I don't know if I should... He said he'll sell me the Valve Complete Pack, which has basically all the...
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    A Stupid Way To Die

    I'm sitting on a solid chair from now on.. I feel sorry for the boy, dying like that blows.. no pun intended SOURCE
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    CD/DVD Drive D/E read problems

    I just had this problem recently.. my CD/DVD Reader can only Read DVD-Rs, but CDs do not register on the drive when I put one in. Does the problem have anything related to what I installed recently? I've recently installed a CD/DVD burning program on my computer, as well as a CyberLink DVD Suite...
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    Need Help Recovering my Hard Drive

    Okay so I went on my computer one night and everything was working as it should be.Then the day after, I started up my computer again but it starts making some strange noises and my PC fails to start up Windows. I reboot my PC several times, hoping that would fix the situation, but it doesn't. I...
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    For those who haven't seen this yet.. it's one of the most epic threads I have ever read thus far. twas worth a good laugh.