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  1. Xeonidas

    Need notebook buying advice.

    Since its the beginning of a new school year I'm in the need of a new notebook and I can't decide what to buy. It should have 13-14" antiglare screen, usb 3.0, a decent graphics card that could play games on market right now, and the price should stay under 900?. I have been thinking about asus...
  2. Xeonidas

    RUF Roadster announced - tribute to 1967 Targa

    :w00t:I think it looks awsome!
  3. Xeonidas

    [15x03] according to wikipedia

    Not sure if its 100% true but seemed fair enough.
  4. Xeonidas

    Lamborghini Murcielago successor (2011) scooped

    Its a bit grainy but you can clearly see the main features Edit: Here is a much better view of the car
  5. Xeonidas

    Photoshop competition?

    I read in a december photoshop competition that you put the competion on hold for few months. Now its almost april almost 2 months after last reply on the competiton thread. What do you think about starting the exercise again in april?
  6. Xeonidas

    First official shot of Ferrari 599 GTO

    Also a video (its the 1st part of it) That looks cool! Also good to be back.
  7. Xeonidas

    Spied: Lexus LF-A Caught Undisguised in Black - UPDATED with production pics

    I`m really sorry if this is a repost but I searched
  8. Xeonidas

    Looking for a gaming mouse and keyboard

    I was thinking of buying logitech g7 and g15 but are they any good has anyone used them. Maybe someone knows something better I don`t want to spend over 70$ on mouse and 90$ on keyboard. Any advice is appreciated.
  9. Xeonidas

    Cars from sinsheim and speyer technic museums

    ferrari 412l A mercedes Ferrari Lancia Stratos Rolls-royce Porsche vector w8 Miura Some more ferraris Lamborghini countach A war machine Mercedes-benz 300sl Some cars from America Maybach Rolls-royce And finally a BMW f1 car ( Its from BMW Autowelt)