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  1. Hemily

    Ownership Verified: 1989 Ford Escort 1.4 Ghia: Hemily's topless sportscar.

    So i bought a Playstation 4 at release, but i never used it, never opened the box, so i somehow ended up trading it for a car... So now i have my first FWD car... and it's purple. It's a 1.4 liter, a CVH... carbed and all that, unfortunately that means it's a crappy carb, i need to change...
  2. Hemily

    Hemily's 1991 Volvo 240GL

    So i got myself a shiney new ride! for everyday driving. a shiney wagon of wagony doom! a cheapo thingy, but i still likes it! Look at this beastly beast! oh, and cause we needs to we moved mah "rally lamps" behind the grille, and i swapped to shinyer bulbs in the headlamp. added a CD...