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  1. pebblepixie

    'Twas the Espisode Before Christmas...

    :wave: I'm still here - well, sort of. I pop in every now and again to see what everyone's talking about but don't have much to say so tend to just lurk. Chuffed to see my poem is still doing the rounds :) Merry Christmas!!
  2. pebblepixie

    Clarkson: Jeremy on The One Show w/b 6th Dec 2010

    He's also going to be on BBC breakfast tv next week (13th to 17th) but they didn't say which day.
  3. pebblepixie


    There'll be dancing in the streets of Chipping Norton tonight. It was announced on the evening news that the M4 bus lane is to be abolished...:clap:
  4. pebblepixie

    How to kill the treachorous stig

    Good idea! They take the now empty white suit and helmet to James' 'Man Lab', pop it in a tank of brake fluid, wire it up to a good thunder storm and re-generate the Stig while James yells 'It's alive!!" , Richard turns the big wheel thingy and Jeremy hits the fuse box with a hammer....
  5. pebblepixie

    Have you ever shouted "...and across the line in...1 minute" after lovey-making?

    Or you could turn to the other person and say 'So how do you think you've done?" Or worse "So, where do you think you've come?" :confused: Sorry, I'll get my coat....
  6. pebblepixie

    [15x03] July 11th, 2010

    They were all nodding dogs (and horses by the looks of it).
  7. pebblepixie

    This week's Radio Times cover!!

    Oh God my eyes :blink: The Radio Times for 26 June to 2 July features the guys on the cover - warning ladies!! there are nekkid knees on show.
  8. pebblepixie

    Embarrassing parents used in TG trailer [WARNING: SPOILERS!]

    But...If I'd passed the three of them and the film crew I'd probably sound like that too, only a bit more girly. :blush: or I'd flash at them....depends what kind of day I was having. :wink:
  9. pebblepixie

    James to guest host Radio 6 Friday Night Rock Show 23-04

    "Here's the latest one from Jimi Hendrix" :rofl:
  10. pebblepixie

    Clarkson: Hey Ladies........Jeremy Clarkson has a 10-inch Penis!

    but....I suspect that some of the answers given by the women in the poll are less to do with what size they *think* they are and more to do with what the women think the men in question deserve to have. With the exception of Alan Carr (bless 'im) and Gordon Brown, the names at the bottom of the...
  11. pebblepixie

    The Stig: Win an exclusive track day at Dunsfold with the Stig

    Resident in the uk - yes! Over 21 - yes!! Not doing anything else on 15th June - yes!!! Oh, bugger - I can't drive :sad:
  12. pebblepixie

    Top Gear: The Great Adventures Vol.3 - Blu-Ray release up for preorder!

    I can't confirm it exactly but Pal tv here in the UK can display NTSC if the dvd player the disc is in can play it. I would've thought the reverse is also true...?
  13. pebblepixie

    Hammond: Invisible World

    I realised watching episode 3 that Richard makes exactly the same noise as I do when he has to confront a spider and it starts to move :lol: *shudders just thinking about spiders' creepy legs*
  14. pebblepixie

    James May: The weekly Telegraph column by James thread

    I think it will be down to the number of people who still speak the language not being enough to justify the HUGE amount of work it takes to produce an extra set of forms and documents in another language. If the DVLA were to do it, the rest of the government departments would have to do it too...
  15. pebblepixie

    Top Gear Roast?

    There are three different things in my mind that you might mean by 'roast'. One is particularly gruesome. Another is gruesome too but in a very different way. The third would just be an episode of TG without the cars, wouldn't it??
  16. pebblepixie

    How's the withdrawal goin?

    I take half an hour of TG a day with my lunch. Start at series 2, work my way through to series 'whatever was the last one' then start over again. Today Richard was hypnotized by Paul McKenna tomorrow Jordan is the SIARPC (think I'll skip that bit)
  17. pebblepixie

    Top Gear Live

    That card is just genius :lol:
  18. pebblepixie

    Random Thoughts (Top gear Edition)

    and a hint of Mr Bean. Good Lord they're all terrifying (and a perfect reminder to me why I never paint portraits)
  19. pebblepixie

    Top Gear demotivators

    They really should think these names through. I mean, it's gonna get called the Puke now and forever more. I could barf beetroot and produce something better looking than that!
  20. pebblepixie

    Top Gear Live

    I'm so glad the whole slogan was revealed by the end of that vid. I saw 'Get excited and...' and thought 'Crikey! what does the rest say.' Then I saw 'Get excited and make..' which just made it worse :D It's a really cool shirt - shame he didn't wear it for the Toys filming