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  1. flyinhawaiian

    Might buy the Canon 24-105mm f/4 L lens today

    Anyone use this lens and have feedback? Found a brand-new one on craigslist for $600, so I'm probably going to pull the trigger so long as it checks out okay. Obviously going to bring my camera along and take some test shots before I hand over the money.
  2. flyinhawaiian

    World of Tanks (Xbox 360)

    Anyone play? I have a few different lines I'm grinding out, but my main one is a Tier 8 Pershing. I'm about halfway to the M46 Patton
  3. flyinhawaiian

    Welp... this could get expensive...

    Was driving to work today, accelerating into traffic when there was a nice little *POP* and I suddenly had no more drive. Every time I put the engine under load, I was greeted by a nice grinding type sound from right behind the firewall. I nursed it as far as I could towards work where I could...
  4. flyinhawaiian

    A Friend of Mine (and fellow TG nutter) Needs Help!

    My friend from college, Alex, is a semi-pro rally co-driver. He's been racing very competitively in Rally America for as long as I've known him and saw him race once in Northern PA at STPR and also on TV as Dave Mirra's co-driver during the X-Games. Well he and his current driver, Chris...
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    Wrong Forum
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    Just got a GoPro Camera

    First video attempt:
  7. flyinhawaiian

    Need some help! Poll inside!

    I'm going to have a poster made of one of my pictures. I just moved into a new apartment and am getting prints made to frame and put up around my place, but want one large-scale shot as a center piece. Here's the selections, just choose your favorite! -Jeff 10mm HDR by Finktel Jr...
  8. flyinhawaiian

    No 56k: Sun 'n Fun 2011 - Air Show Photography

    Some airshow pics from this year's Sun 'n Fun. I got too many good ones this time around to post them all, but here's the best of in various categories: Here's the full set: Static: Warbird: 100 Internet pts for...
  9. flyinhawaiian

    A little video I made

    Filmed with inspiration from TG and features my personal car. Let me know what you think... Its only half done so far, there will eventually be a harder portion and rolling shots added to it:
  10. flyinhawaiian

    FlyinHawaiian's Car-Review Thread

    I am a pretty lucky guy. I've been able to drive some phenomenal cars this far in my life. Many of which have been through test drives and good fortune (aka rich friends) Included is the Mercedes E55 AMG, Dodge Viper GTS ACR (old one), Aston Martin V8 Vantage, and even a Maserati Grandsport...
  11. flyinhawaiian

    40 inches of snow on the ground and counting...

    So we've begun preparations for the imminent Imperial invasion! ORIGINAL
  12. flyinhawaiian

    A Date with a GT-R

    So around this time of year, my dad and I always like to go to a couple of dealerships, posing as potential buyers in order to score test drives in cars that others might not get. In the past we've driven Aston Martins, Ferrari's and Maserati's. Yesterday, we might of out-did ourselves...
  13. flyinhawaiian

    Photoshopped my car, what do you think?

    Looking for feedback on both the actually photoshop job and what you all think of the proposed mods... Original: Photoshop:
  14. flyinhawaiian

    No 56k: 2009 Join Services Open House - Andrews AFB, MD

    As a few of you have seen in the "Lens Flair" thread, I just finished up a batch of photos from my "local" airshow. They really pull out the stops for this show, mostly due to the close proximity of Washington, DC and the various services use the opportunity to show off to lawmakers and...
  15. flyinhawaiian

    Concern for James May

    After watching the news uncut, I was kinda taken aback by Jame's comment about wasting his life. You could see it in his eyes that it really wasn't a joke and there was a bit of venom when he told Jeremy to "Shut his f--king mouth." This, coupled with a video that was posted at the beginning...
  16. flyinhawaiian

    Some photos from the other weekend...

    Well I went to the local Aston dealership to check out the new Vantage convertables with my dad... Too beautiful! Hopefully we'll get to test drive one soon, but I think the father figure has his heart set on the coupe. I don't blame him for that seeing the car has NO bad angles... Anyways...