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  1. The Spie

    An Open Response To Richard Aucock

    Suckcock's put out an incredible piece of drivel, even for him, on the BBC's "new" Autos section of its website. The drivel in full: If I may, let me counter him point-by-point: Well, let's just go over to the gas...
  2. The Spie

    Stephen Fry - Gadget Man

    This series is right up our alley here for the following reasons: 1) Fry may not be a TG host, but he's a two-time SIARPC. 2) Because Clarkson appears in a future episode. 3) Because May appears in a future episode. 4) Because the first episode is all about transport gadgets. 4a) Because...
  3. The Spie

    Not A Show Per Se, But A Hammond Pimpterview

    An interview with Hamster is up at the BBC website: It's not iPlayer, so it's available to everybody.
  4. The Spie

    Blast Lab Series 4?

    While trolling around at the Box a moment ago, I noticed something very interesting: the first episode of series 4 of Blast Lab. And it was broadcast last week, according to the capper. Credits on it say 2010, and Richard has the right hairstyle for that period. If it's real, how did we miss...
  5. The Spie

    Did Ian Poulter Drop A Hint Re: SIARPC?

    In a tweet about an hour or so ago, Ian Poulter, golfist and bizarre clothing fetishist, said that he'd love to be SIARPC, but since Clarkson hates golf, oh, well. Oh, well, the Open Championship will be taking place this month, while the series is still filming. Considering the scheduling...