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  1. PaperBiro

    PaperBiro makes square-cropped art through the incredible power of caffeine

    Not sure how many of you know this, but this is one of my hobbies, kinda. I sometimes photoshop up a picture. I then post it onto the internet to the warm reception of literally some views. Maybe it'll actually lead somewhere one day. Anyhow, I've just completed one and thought I'd start a thread.
  2. PaperBiro

    Random Photoshop Thread

    This thread is for people who, like me, occasionally Photoshop something for whatever reason, although not enough to start their own thread about it. Anything is welcome here (scraps, masterpieces, posters, gay porn mashups), as long as it was Photoshopped. Or GIMPed. Or done with anything, in...
  3. PaperBiro

    (slightly shitty) DS3 Vector

    I thought this would make a fun project. :| It's my first time vectoring a car (or anything this complex), so it's a bit scruffy in places. I might still fiddle around with things.
  4. PaperBiro

    Post your Draw Something screenshots

    Done. :D
  5. PaperBiro

    Ai Weiwei

    Just deleted my post from Random Thoughts (Political Edition) and pasted it here, because I think that this deserves its own thread. Anyways, the artist Ai Weiwei has been released! :woot: This is good news on the surface, but unfortunately IMO it means very little in terms of China's...
  6. PaperBiro

    Kenyan MP thrown out of parliament for being too 'bling'

    I found this pretty entertaining. They see me pollin', they hatin'.
  7. PaperBiro


    New drama, by the same production company who did Life On Mars, premiering on Monday. It's about a group of individuals trying to build a new life on another planet, kinda like Earth 2. Anyone else looking forward to this?
  8. PaperBiro

    The Pipe Dreams Thread

    We all have aspirations. Some of those aspirations are less realistic than others. Some, quite frankly, are only ever going to exist in your head. Discuss your pipe dreams here. Life ambitions which you know are never, ever going to happen, yet you still hope against hope. Sports careers...
  9. PaperBiro

    What's FinalGear's IQ?

    So I just took an online IQ test today out of boredom, and out of interest I'd like to know how I compare to the FG community and how the FG community ranks in general. I'd imagine the average IQ to be pretty high... ^Here's the IQ test I took just so we're on the same...
  10. PaperBiro

    Buzz Lightyear was the first man on the moon :|
  11. PaperBiro

    1/3 of men prefer video games to sex

  12. PaperBiro

    So I just got ran over by a car yesterday...

    Basically, what happened was, after another car went past I thought the road was clear. Because the road was at a steep gradient and there were other cars parked everywhere, I didn't see the yellow Vauxhall Vectra coming through at around 20 mph, and that was it really. I was incredibly lucky...
  13. PaperBiro

    Man arrested for sex attacks on sheep I thought this might be interesting, since it's something you don't hear everyday (unless if Zoophilia is more common than I thought.)
  14. PaperBiro

    James May: James May on Old Bangers A worthwhile read. Sorry if this is a repost. EDIT: Sorry, thanks for telling me fbc. First page: