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    Do you skip 'star in reasonably-priced car' segment when watching Top Gear?

    I have never been a fan of the star in a car bit so i just use it as my chance to stick the kettle on and make a sarny.
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    Does anyone in your workplace still talk about TG on a Monday morning?

    Used to be talk of the morning, now it barely ever gets a mention and even then its only to say 'back when it was good they did a piece on that.....'
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    [14x05] December 20th, 2009

    Started moderately well but the final half was just so insanely boring. TG have tried the cars as art thing before and it died on its knees iam surprised that they not only tried again but failed even more.
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    [13x05] July 19th, 2009

    miles better then last weeks pap. 7/10
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    [13x04] July 12th, 2009

    definetly the weakest episode so far, half was dull and half had been done before. the 'celebrity' section is always pants this time even more so. 2/10
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    Jeremy Clarkson quizzed by police after he tackles gang of hoodies

    "Plainly this boy's parents are useless'' nice.. :)
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    [10x05] November 11th, 2007

    good ep, loved the t1 piece, as always SIARPC was like having teeth pulled.
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    [10x02] October 14th, 2007

    loved it, haven't laughed so hard for months.
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    smoking ban

    the whole episode seemed to be a dig at the powers-that-be.
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    TopGear at Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo) *Possible Spoilers*

    they are busy trying to make a graphics engine better then god's. i would pay a lot of money to fling these around the TG track.
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    TopGear at Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo) *Possible Spoilers*

    gt5 is it not due until mid/late 2008
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    TopGear at Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo) *Possible Spoilers*

    no such project existed it was a rumour started on a pc forum many years ago. PD and sony (entertainment group) are one and the same in everything but name, this is no contract as such. you have much chance of seeing halo 3 on the wii running at 0.5fps. here's hoping for the top gear track...
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    TopGear at Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo) *Possible Spoilers*

    not much chance of that what with PD being a sony owned developer.
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    TopGear at Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo) *Possible Spoilers*

    we have seen several screenshots of gt5:prologues in built video player/tv channel showing downloaded top gear eps. hopefuuly the track will appear in the full game.
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    Production of OLED Displays for Optimus 103 Begins

    over the years the hype about this has been going the features have declined and the price has steadily increased.
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    Another forum their thoughts towards the US special

    nothing, not many support the monarchy, we insult each other more then just calling people 'pussies' (north/south banter is far worse) and as far as many are concerned princess di was a publicity whore who only did charity work do get a better rep after being discovered bonking half the england...
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    How many times has Hammond crashed?

    that was so fake it was painful to watch. it seems the guy has a bit of history when it comes to filling out insurance details. i wonder what he has to tell the insurance company at renewal time?
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    [09x03] February 11th, 2007

    barrage of complaints in
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    [09x03] February 11th, 2007

    onboard shower nutjob rednecks awesome. anyone check out the names in the credits too?
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    [09x03] February 11th, 2007

    i liked the episode, made a nice break from the format. i dont think every american will agree with me though as the ep did revolve around existing problems. the top gear camera crew getting pelted with stones at the petrol station was certainly a odd moment too watch.