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    Unveiled: Mr. Bond's new ride: Aston Martin DB 10

    Sort of reminds me of Fiskers circa 2007 (with the back lifted from the Karma). Meh...
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    Schumacher to star in Asterix movie

    Actually, there are 2 Asterix movies: in the first one they fought the Caesar and in the second one they were building Cleopatra's castle and the Romans tried to stop them (don't blame me for not remembering the plots properly :mrgreen: ) Personally I think that Asterix series is fun (although...
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    Not looking good: It's the BMW...

    It looks like a fat Audi Quattro! :barf:
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    Doing TG and FG presenter voice impressions.

    So here's my idea. Forum members could do their vocal impressions of their favourite presenters and post them here(doing some famous quotes would be just superb). Then other members could rate the contenders(shaping up to be a contest :lol: ) and the winners would get titles like:"I sound like...
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    Can a stock Golf Mark III be raised?

    Actually they haven't aged, but my family is planning a trip with a lots of luggage and I wouldn't call my brother small. I just thought that raising the rear dampers was a good idea to prevent some damage to the suspension. Maybe there is something else that we could do?
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    Can a stock Golf Mark III be raised?

    Currently I have a need to raise the rear dampers of my mums Golf III(it's stock). Can it be done at home? Do I need somesort of an oil to fill the dampers? My technical knowledge isn't great so I'm sorry for my pretty basic questions. Thanks for answers!