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    [04x07] July 11th, 2004

    01:52 - 02:41 - Howard Shore - Lord Of The Rings Soundtrack, I have no idea from which part, and what track they used in ep, maybe someone knows bettter this soundtrack. 06:09 - 07:04 - it's Basil Poledouris Soundtrack from movie Robocop. I don't know which track though, maybe Rock Shop (just a...
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    [05x07] December 12th, 2004

    I've used eMule to get this Soundtrack, I think there are two versions of it (first MP3 160vbr, second MP3 256vbr I suggest the latter). On you can also find hash for Craig Armstrong - As If To Nothing file. You should use eMule because most sources are on Kad network.
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    [05x07] December 12th, 2004

    45:45 - 46:20 I think it's Craig Armstrong - Business- part 1 from Plunkett And Macleane - Ost (Score)