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  1. Renesis

    This site is a decade old later this month

    haha yes, I knew viper from other forums before this place even existed, and yes, I'm still alive but not being single means less time for this kind of stuff!
  2. Renesis

    This site is a decade old later this month

    Thanks for making this possible Viper! this site rocks, I still remember the old days.. good memories! :)
  3. Renesis

    Ownership Verified: Viper's 2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10 (A 17+ Year Dream Come True!)

    Woah dude! can't believe you finally got one! I'm so happy for you! I don't know what the heck you do for a living now to be able to afford one of these but it's way cool man! :) for the record, I too gave myself a little convertible as a gift to myself this year :mrgreen:
  4. Renesis

    I'm about as inactive as you are! ;-) wassup mate?

    I'm about as inactive as you are! ;-) wassup mate?
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  6. Renesis

    haha yeah I'm alive... I just don't post on forums anymore (not only this one) having a real...

    haha yeah I'm alive... I just don't post on forums anymore (not only this one) having a real job and a full time girlfriend does make your life quite a bit different from your student years ;-)
  7. Renesis

    Trip to the San Diego Zoo

    that's a very nice place.. time goes by.. so quickly unlike what Madonna thinks I can't believe it's been 6 years since I've been there already
  8. Renesis

    Contact Form Hall Of Shame

  9. Renesis

    My '07 Mazda 3 GT Sedan..

    nice car, my friend got one in red, they're cool but I'm sick of seeing tons of them everywhere, they're so popular here..
  10. Renesis

    Can anyone identify this car?

    that's a dodge stratus sedan
  11. Renesis

    Hammond's helmet - HE HAS IT!!!!

    goddamn I can't believe I've missed this whole thing you guys simply rock! I would've loved to be a part of this, I'm really proud of you all! it's such a great idea this community rules! :)
  12. Renesis

    New Mini Cooper S or used Mazda RX-8?

    mazda! but they depreciate so quickly here that you could have a only 1year old with very little mileage for the price of a mini cooper s
  13. Renesis

    My 2006 Honda Civic VTi-L

    nice buy here it's an acura I like the looks from the outside but I hate the 2 level dash inside, but that's just me why did you get it automatic btw?
  14. Renesis

    My Lexus IS250

    very nice car! not a fan of the color though but it's a very nice ride you got there does it accelerate well? doesn't sound very powerful for the size!
  15. Renesis

    Guess who bought...

    it's the same engine, different exhaust tweaking and intake probably.. BTW if it's your dad's car, don't list it as your own in your profile! ;)
  16. Renesis

    Guess who bought...

    yep it's the 2.4 found in the solstice, 173hp it's the same car as a Cobalt but it looks better IMHO, differences are, grille, wheels, taillights, interior trim. the steering wheel does indeed look like a corvette one, it's nice, so small and full of leather! :)
  17. Renesis

    Guess who bought...

    it drives great, what surprised me the most is the handling, the sport suspension does it's job and the stock tires (pirellis) stick great but they're fucking expensive so it's the last time the car will run on those! :lol: $235 CDN each :?
  18. Renesis

    Guess who bought...

    didn't fit in my budget, insurance would have raped me, and it sucks too much gas! maybe when they'll come up with the RX8 v3.0! :lol:
  19. Renesis

    Guess who bought...

    a new car? hell yea, it's me! I know I don't post much on here anymore, but since it's a big news it was worth reporting! I never thought I'd end up with something american, but for that price, I couldn't get anything that came close to it! I love it. I liked the Rabbit too but it had a...
  20. Renesis

    Audi RS4 transporter? or a chop?