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  1. nomix

    USSC: States can't de facto ban abortion with unnecessary regulation

    Strange to see there was not thread about the subject, so let's: NYT: Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Restrictions "WASHINGTON ? The Supreme Court on Monday reaffirmed and strengthened constitutional protections for abortion rights, striking down parts of a restrictive Texas law that...
  2. nomix

    UK General election: SORT IT OUT YOU CLOWNS!

    Expecting a hung parliament tomorrow, I thought the Daily Star's front page from may 11th 2010 would make a nice masthead for a thread about this years UK general election. I'll be staying up. I expect there must be at least one other user doing the same. So what do you think? Will we...
  3. nomix

    David Clapson had his benefits cut. Did he starve to death?

    Link I know I'm pushing it with the title. Then again, this is a discussion board, not a newspaper. Funnily enough, the Daily Mail didn't see fit to mention the death of a hungry, penniless veteran. Too bad. Feeling guilty, mr. Dacre?
  4. nomix

    Gaza mk2

    So, any thoughts? I'm a little worried because of the Egyptian rethoric, if the Egyptian leadership is pushed domesticly, they may very well start acting out. It may lead to war against Egypt. And that will be the end of Bibi Netanyahu's political career. And it's still not a good thing.
  5. nomix

    The electoral college, the end of the beginning?

    In 1984, Reagan won 49 states and got 97 % of the representation in the Electoral college. He won 58.8 % of the votes. There's a disconnect there. I'll do the maths about Obama when the numbers are solid tomorrow, but this may get some republicans onboard as well. This may not be the end of...
  6. nomix

    Public broadcasting, government over-reaching or a stem of goodness?

    So, PBS entered the campaign in serious terms and in silly terms after the debate. Let me start with a conceptual question; Does government have any role to play within broadcasting? If so, what? I tend to believe some of the greatest television in the world is made by public broadcasters...
  7. nomix

    Random Thoughts (Historical, Ancient and Prehistoric Politics Edition)

    Okay, let's go. I know my right honorable friend, who's name is similar to an airport wanted to do this. But I've wanted to do this myself for the last half decade. So here goes. What's historical, ancient or prehistoric? I'd say anything that's not news. But I think we'll just use common sense...
  8. nomix

    NYPD detectives planted cocaine on innocent members of the public to avoid demotion

    linky First and foremost, someone needs to take a look at how many other people have been fucked over by the system. Secondly, there's good reason to rethink this war on drugs idiocy. Thirdly, arrest quotas? That's stupid. That's like production quotas in the Soviet Union. If you were...
  9. nomix

    Nobel Peace Prize Laurets Announced, this time it's three women "This year's Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded jointly to three women - Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberian Leymah Gbowee and Tawakul Karman of Yemen. They were recognised for their "non-violent struggle for the safety of women...
  10. nomix

    Palestinian statehood, to early, or about time?

    Round about now, diplomats from the different camps are putting pressure on Israel and Palestinian leadership. The quartet is probably telling Israel to concede something, and telling Abbas to stop going to quickly. Israel say a push for Palestinian statehood will have "grave concequences, among...
  11. nomix

    Breaking news: Blast hit Norwegian government building in Oslo Edit: I'm seeing reports of another explosion another place in Oslo.
  12. nomix

    Rejoice, rejoice rejoice!

    Once there was a former Prime Minister who said Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice when hearing that Maggie Thatcher had resigned. Now there is another occation for such an outburst of joy. The News of the World is no more. Now we need to fuck Murdoch in the arse.
  13. nomix

    Nutters takes lead from McCarthy: wants to investigate "anti-Israeli activity"

    Nutters takes lead from McCarthy: wants to investigate "anti-Israeli activity" Source:Haaretz This is quite disturbing. McCarthyism is in other words close to getting a firm grasp of the Knesset. This is bad, very bad.
  14. nomix

    UK Police still thinks photographers are criminals. It would seem.

    Are these guys morons? Seriously, are they? It's just unacceptable, it's contradictory to the Met guidelines, it has no legal base, it contradicts a very fresh ruling. Seriously, how stupid are these guys? I'm probably going to the UK this month, I really hope I won't meet any of these FUCKING...
  15. nomix

    No 56k: May 17th celebrations in Norway

    If you're from Norway (or in Norway), and used your camera to day, leave your moments here.. :) May 17th is the day when Norwegians celebrate our constitution. Most people march through the streets, brass bands playing marches, the King's Song and the National Anthem Ja vi elsker. In the course...
  16. nomix

    We need to get Arnold Vinick the Republican nomination in 2012

    Right. I've been whining about this for a time. But seriously. Arnold Vinick is the ONLY person that can win the republicans the presidency in 2012. He's the best candidate out there. Even if he's just a character from the West Wing played by Alan Alda. If the GOP made Arnold Vinick their...
  17. nomix

    US State dept: Israel is not a tolerant society

    Haaretz The report. Worth reading.
  18. nomix

    Don't ask don't tell is off

    Finally! BBC: Obama to end military gay policy If he follows up on this, it won't be worth a Nobel Peace Prize, but I'll be very happy to buy him a pint of bitter! Good stuff! Out of the middle ages!
  19. nomix

    NYPD buys typewriters for $1 million :lol:
  20. nomix

    Since the US elections took up so much time in Norway, here's Norway's election!

    The Exit polls were just published, and the conclusion right now is that the current government will continue in power. The BBC has not yet updated their story on the election, bad BBC! :x The Norwegian parliament, Stortinget has 169 members, the government needed 85 seats to win the election...