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  1. ashspet

    2014 FG Fantasy Baseball League

    Hey, all! Yeah, Tubby is too damn lazy to post a new thread, so I'm organising his shit for him. Who wants in!?! ESPN is setting up their site for the new season, so it's that time again! Same as always: Standard, 10-12 team, 5x5 (R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG x K, W, SV, ERA, WHIP, Roto scoring league...
  2. ashspet

    If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing, what would it be?

    Inspired by discussions elsewhere, answer the question. If you could go back to any time in your life, and give yourself one piece of advice, when would you go back to and what would you tell yourself? (yes, something other than the winning lotto numbers or what shares to buy) I'd go back to...
  3. ashspet

    Is it ok to be a bit blue at work?

    Earlier this year we had a person from outside the organisation come and work with our team. We are a small group of 30-50 year olds, reasonably well read and articulate, working in predominately an IT area. For the most part we are professional and a rather high performing team, but we did sit...
  4. ashspet

    The One Thread

    Since this started in Funny Pics, and is for the one cup / one bowl / one pot / one 'whatever you're cooking in' recipes. Whether it's snacks, cakes, full main meals, doesn't matter. Chocolate Cake 4 tablespoons flour 4 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa 2...
  5. ashspet

    How do you split the bill?

    After dinner the other night with people I don't normally eat with, there was a huge kerfuffle at the end of the night about who ate what, only the people that drank should have to pay corkage, and really, by the end of it I resolved to never eat with these people again. Whereas a group I eat...
  6. ashspet

    If your relationship isn't working, is it OK to cheat??

    Considering a comment made elsewhere, and a recent show on TV, what are your thoughts? You're in a relationship that isn't working. You aren't getting sexual satisfaction with the person you are with. Is it OK to sleep with someone else? (poll results are private, but please provide comment)
  7. ashspet

    I Just Can't Throw ... Out

    What is/are the things that you just can't throw away? Whether it has nostalgic value, embarrassment value, sentimental value, or you have the belief that it will be worth millions one day or will come back into fashion, you have hung on to it regardless of the fact that it sits in the cupboard...
  8. ashspet

    My Hometown is Famous for...

    What is your hometown famous for?
  9. ashspet

    I would have dinner with...

    If you could have a date with anyone in the entire world, living or dead, who would it be? Why? What would you do on the date? (note, this is a date, no sex or nudity involved, but the date could be up to 12 hours long, doing whatever you want as money is no object)
  10. ashspet

    How many kids do you want?

    Assuming you have somewhere to house them, and income to support them, and a partner to have them with, or adopt or however you intent to legally acquire or produce them, how many children do you want to have?
  11. ashspet

    I'm Bored Please Amuse Me

    Somewhere you can post those little addictive on line games, puzzles, short stories, interesting reads, interesting websites, or "Things to try at home" try out for the Swedish Armed Forces Zuma's Revenge Bloons Tower Defense 4
  12. ashspet


    Calculations, logarithms, long divisions and whatever else the hell you can come up with. So, first up: Get into the groove boy, you've got to prove your love to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Yeah Prove that one, mathematically speaking :D
  13. ashspet

    Ownership Verified: My 2006 Mazda 6

    All very boring and standard, but the first new car (with air conditioning) that I've ever owned, and it was actually clean enough to pose for pics today: