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  1. SiR_dude

    This site is a decade old later this month

    Am I too late to join the reunion? Haven't signed in for about 2 years or so Cheers! ...and I don't recognize about 99% of the names here...:(
  2. SiR_dude

    Huh. How about that, my login still works! How's this for inactivity?

    Huh. How about that, my login still works! How's this for inactivity?
  3. SiR_dude

    After a few years of inactivity, I'm checking in :)

    After a few years of inactivity, I'm checking in :)
  4. SiR_dude

    Hi Chief Long time, no speak

    Hi Chief Long time, no speak
  5. SiR_dude

    Hi Kiddo

    Hi Kiddo
  6. SiR_dude

    Anti Virus software for network

    How is Trend Micro for hogging resources? I'm currently ready to boot AVG out the door due to its pain in the arse loading of the computer. Apparently 8.0 is wreaking havoc among many former AVG 7.5 fans. I'm reading up on Sophos and will maybe download the demo version. I've also heard good...
  7. SiR_dude

    Anti Virus software for network

    Hey dudes Anybody out there have a recommendation for anti virus software? I've convinced my boss we need to ditch our archaic Symantec - I'm currently testing the new AVG 8 - but I am so far very unimpressed with its massive scan times and the fact that it takes FOREVER for my laptop to boot...
  8. SiR_dude

    Adunaphel is a father!

    Congratulations on the safe arrival of your daughter Adu :cheers: Best of luck to you and the wife.
  9. SiR_dude

    Graffiti village name change plan - its current name is "Lunt"

    Hehe..I had a sign on the way to work that advertised the "Slots" at the local raceway...someone chopped off the top of the o with paint so it said "Sluts"... so the township covered the word, and hasn't replaced the sign for over a year..
  10. SiR_dude

    Internet access restriction

    ..Hope it's OK to bump this.. I ended up using a GPO to assign his specific user account to use a proxy server of good ol', and added the few sites to the exceptions list. Note - the hosts file does not allow the use of wildcards such as *, so no chance to use that to block...
  11. SiR_dude

    What's the best way to scan sheet music?

    I have a Canon MP530 all-in-one, and it scans grayscale / black and white quite well for my uses. The scan software that it uses does a decent job of eliminating noise/spotting in the scan. Like cdbob, I scan at max - wouldn't you be able to control filesize by using some form of compressed pdf...
  12. SiR_dude

    So, I changed my brake pads today..

    Just wait until some bonehead slams on his brakes in front of you on a highway, while doing 120km/h. Then as you in turn mash on your brakes, start praying that the "little leak" doesn't become a fountain, as your brake pedal suddenly goes to the floor... Personally, I would never mess with a...
  13. SiR_dude

    Earth Hour 2008 [Warning: hippies]

    And by doing that contribute to the mercury level in our land when the bulb dies :P
  14. SiR_dude

    Three Years

    Woohoo!! :clap:
  15. SiR_dude

    Fifth Gear or Top Gear?

    hehe 4 years and still getting votes...yay for stickies
  16. SiR_dude

    Internet access restriction

    The accounts that users log in with are domain user accounts, so if I recall correctly, they can't modify the hosts file. In any case, this particular user is very computer illiterate, and wouldn't have a chance on earth of figuring that out.
  17. SiR_dude

    Does anyone actually have Safe Auto?

    Check the Better Business Bureau, should give you a quick picture as to how many issues there are with that company.
  18. SiR_dude

    Internet access restriction

    Thanks for the suggestions - I didn't even think of the hosts file! The computer is just connected to an unmanaged switch, and I don't have a spare router. Gonna try the hosts file...thanks again.
  19. SiR_dude

    Internet access restriction

    Hey all need some advice - I have a computer at work that I want to limit internet access to only a few specific sites, and nothing else (think slacker employee that likes to play online games and surf all day). What are my options, on a budget of nothing? I'm running Win Server 2k3, if...
  20. SiR_dude

    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    Because this one is so full of win, it doesn't need a sticky? I don't know, just a guess...:D