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  1. Wooptidoop

    Birthday request

    Hi guys! I'm sure some of you play League of Legends online. My brother just recently scored a pentakill with Master Yi, and its his birthday next week. I wanted to make a cool T-shirt design for him with Yi and the word Pentakill somehow incorporated into it, but I'm just too crap at design...
  2. Wooptidoop

    Youtube featured videos

    I just wanted to share my frustration with the featured videos on Youtube. It's almost like everyone at Youtube was fired or kidnapped by aliens. The same videos are running as "featured" for months now, and every one of those videos has hate comments on it saying that they don't won't to see...
  3. Wooptidoop

    Jersey Shore

    Did you guys watch the third season? I've done a marathon and watched the first 8 episodes in two days. As boring as they are, it really pisses me off how everyone is treating Ronnie as if he was doing something wrong. It looks to me the problem is that Sammy just can't take no for an answer...
  4. Wooptidoop

    Jeremy and the Internet

    What did Jeremy find on the internet each episode??? Does anybody have any clue?
  5. Wooptidoop

    Clarkson and Vauxhall

    Anybody knows why Jeremy likes Vauxhall all of a sudden?
  6. Wooptidoop


    Hi everyone! I'm looking for funny batman pictures such as this one to put on a t-shirt for my brother's birthday. Post them if you got them, and thanx for the help! :)
  7. Wooptidoop

    How It's Made

    Hi everyone! I know this thread should go under Video Requests, but I really need this for a college presentation and I figured it'd get more attention here. So, does anyone by any chance have the SEVENTH season of the BBC documentary "How It's Made"? Namely episodes 8 and 9, the parts about...
  8. Wooptidoop

    Stig announcements

    Does anyone by any chance have a list of Jeremy's Stig announcements?
  9. Wooptidoop

    Carbon Fiber

    I need to do a very professional but still interesting and flashy presentation about carbon fiber. I've done presentations in Power Point in the past, but I want more, so I've equipped myself with Macromedia Flash 8. So: a) does anyone use Macromedia Flash on a professional level so I know who...
  10. Wooptidoop

    Music request...

    Does anyone have the "I Heart Huckabees" soundtrack and/or anything from Paul Anka? I can't find it anywhere (some Paul Anka stuff on LimeWire but I'd prefer whole albums) and my girlfriend is insisting I produce it somehow! Please help!
  11. Wooptidoop

    In need of a helping hand...

    Here is my problem: I need about 1Gb od FTP spaca for a period of one week. Would anyone be so kind as to supply me with the space?
  12. Wooptidoop

    Help needed!!!

    Please help me! I need to find the Top Gear episode where Jeremy talks to the guy that designed the new Volvos and explains how they incorporated classical Swedish design into the car. There's also another guy and Jeremy asks them to draw the new Jaguar on a peace of paper, and Jeremy draws his...
  13. Wooptidoop


    Funny as hell! Try typing Oprah in search, also Jesus and Britney Spears are pretty good.
  14. Wooptidoop

    Dont't be economic girly-men!

    I've spent hours trying to get this (riped it myself) so I'd like to share it with you. For some reason unknown to me this is not a big hit on the internet. Its a 20s clip of Schwarzenager's talk at the 2004 National Republican Convention and it laughs my pants off. :)...
  15. Wooptidoop


    345kw switch: 500kw switch: Traffo went beserk: Hope you enjoy it! :)
  16. Wooptidoop


    I got some things I would really like you guys to see (cause I know you would enjoy it obviously) but I have to upload it somewhere...
  17. Wooptidoop


    Does anybody play minesweeper? This, in my oppinion, is the best game of all times (after sex) :) Post your times if you got them. My best beginner time is actually 5 sec, but on another computer.
  18. Wooptidoop

    What is this car?

    Could anybody please tell me what is this car?
  19. Wooptidoop


    If anybody has a torrent or a link or any information about where to find and download this legendary cartoon I'd be very grateful. If you need a little reminder about it:
  20. Wooptidoop

    Torrent music

    Can anyone give me a link to a decent torrents site where I can find full MP3 albums? I've been searching for hours and only crappy sites I've found so far.