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  1. insane

    Timing out all the time on tracker1

    Howdy, there is probably a simple explanation to this, but I'm downloading the newest Fifth Gear, and I'm connected fine to tracker 2, and to the pirate bay tracker included in the torrent, but tracker 1 simply says Offline (timed out). I've tried resettting uTorrent and my internet connection...
  2. insane

    V8 Supercars 3

    Just a quick question for those who have the game (also known as ToCA Race Driver 3) What is your best lap time on Pukehoke GP in the V8 Supercars? I've managed to do a 45.20, but every time I do a quick lap, this guy I know beats it by a tenth every time, within 9 minutes of me posting it up...