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  1. xkwilson

    Top Gear will return, BBC insists

    Nah. Dun believe the bull shit. It will return.
  2. xkwilson

    Driven: Renault Megane

    Hi hi!! Sorry dude...been very busy working 2 jobs day and nite...seldom have time to post. I do still browse ard the forum to keep things up to date. Will try to post more once I start to settle down abit. :lol:
  3. xkwilson

    Driven: Renault Megane

    Oh damn. I juz bought the old model! Should have waited a bit longer.
  4. xkwilson

    5th Gear, Top Gear, COME AND GET EM'!!!!

    hey hey...I am here...I am not gone..juz bz with work!!! :(
  5. xkwilson

    5th Gear, Top Gear, COME AND GET EM'!!!!

    nah...your english wasn't tat bad at all. :P
  6. xkwilson

    CNET Car Tech

    Hi all, CNET has launched a new section called Car Tech. It basically reviews the latest gadgets fitted to a car. Guys and gals interested can go to this site.
  7. xkwilson

    Have an episode I don't have?

    I may have some episodes for Top Gear First Season and Second Season and also episodes for Initial D Stage 4. (It's a cartoon show about racing and drifting) Anybody interested please let me know where to send or upload. Thanks!
  8. xkwilson


    This guys must have nothing better to do everyday and waste his time doing such useless stuff. What a pathetic guy. Get a LIFE!
  9. xkwilson


    Welcome and enjoy your stay here! This is one of the best forums available on the web today...if you really like cars!
  10. xkwilson

    Have an episode I don't have?

    Well, I have some older Top Gear episodes. Mainly series 2. I can upload to your server if you wan it. The rest of the episodes are mainly clips dating back to the 1990s.
  11. xkwilson

    What's your REALISTIC dream car? (under ~$40k US)

    Sadly, no. Salaries are still the same. To own a car, we borrow heavily from the banks and have to pay off the car for 7-10 years.
  12. xkwilson

    AC Schnitzer 5er

    Hmm...the bodykit improves the look of the 5 series so much better. But I still feel that the front headlights is terrible.
  13. xkwilson

    G35 Twin Turbo setup

    350Z Hardcore fan here!!! Well...the engine is the same in the G35 and the 350Z. But Nissan Japan has tuned it differently for both cars. They have so many levels of tune in Japan its hard to know which is which.
  14. xkwilson

    So the president of the company my dad works for got a bonus

    US$300k here....and it last only 10 years. One of the worst place to own a car. :(
  15. xkwilson

    Your Track day toy

    Track Day? Vauxhall VX220....I Love Vauxhalls...hahaha! :D
  16. xkwilson

    GT Cruisers

    DB9 looks will juz make me melt. The interior and exterior are way better than the Bentley.
  17. xkwilson

    What's your REALISTIC dream car? (under ~$40k US) guys are lucky. US$40k will only get me the cheapest car available here in my country. And tat's the Hyundai Accent 1.3 Hatchback.
  18. xkwilson

    This guy wants to chop down the roof of a WRX...

    Hmm....still looks the same to me. Wasted money chopping the roof then.
  19. xkwilson

    your favorite car magazine

    Top Gear, AutoCar and What? Car are my favourites. All UK magazines thought :D
  20. xkwilson

    So I did that Audi MPG test on my car today... will be crazy to try tat in summer when the weather's so hot and without A/C. In my country, its impossible when everyday is a scorching 33-34C. I only manage to get 30-35mpg in my Toyota Corolla. Tat is normal driving with A/C on.