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    Winter Tires 2011/2012

    It's about time I get a new set of winters for my car, and I've been looking at a few places in order to get some relatively objective information, such as:

    Best way to clean snow off of rims?

    After super happy fun time in the snow, my rims tend to be packed with snow. If I don't clean it up right away, the snow will freeze up overnight and I get an imbalance in the wheels. It will start to shake the car significantly enough when that happens. At the moment I use an old windshield...

    Your life's highlights / low points / interesting tidbits

    I thought it would be interesting to see a list of one-line highlights / low points and interesting tidbits of your life so far. For me: My grandfather was a member of the resistance in WWII, who planned / lead a raid on a jail in Arnhem. My father had a punch-tape computer in the house in...

    Nascar Nationwide at Watkins Glen

    If you get a chance, it might be worth to watch a re-air or download it. There was some pretty decent racing at the Watkins Glen road course in the Nascar Nationwide series today. Some good stuff between Marcos Ambrose and Kyle Busch and others. :) And tomorrow it's time for Nascar Sprint Cup...

    Something caught my eye in the TVersity review on AOTS today

    Nothing earth shattering, but check about 21 seconds in :)

    Natural Disaster Season '08

    Friday the 13th seems like a good time to share some amazing events that have happened in my neck of the woods recently. Here's what's happened in Iowa do far this month: EF5 tornado levels part of Parkersburg: Another tornado wipes out a boyscout camp: Record floods in Cedar Rapids and...

    S7 2008/02/23 Westhill International LRF [2x16]

    First race I had a short and futile fight with Lonely at first. After that, MXM was a few seconds behind me and slowly closing. I seemed to have had a better pit stop, and from then on I started to pull away. In the second race, I had a rough start and got pushed around a bit. I had some short...

    S6 2007/09/22 BL Grand Prix Reverse [2x20]


    S6 2007/09/15 AS Grand Prix [2x10]

    Stats: Not a particularly thrilling race for me, other than in the first couple of laps. But it looks like pdanev, firefox...

    NASCAR Busch Series: A bit of mayhem at Montreal

    It was a wild one at the end in Montreal. With a few laps to go, Marcos Ambrose leads and gets passed cleanly by Robby Gordon, but Marcos lifts Robby's rear wheels at the exit of the corner and spins him around. This all happens right as the yellow came out for a different incident. During the...

    Stop and Start Windows Services Script

    I wrote a script that I've been meaning to write for quite some time but hadn't got around to until now. What it does: It stops all Windows services that are running except for ones listed in an exclude file. It also sets the start up mode to manual for any that are set to automatic. This...

    Recommendations for a Cable/DSL router

    Since my existing router, (a SMC 7008ABR) has stopped working at 100BaseT for quite some time now, and the replacement (V2) router doesn't work with my wireless DSL modem (Mitsumi Netstar 11), I'm in the market for a new Cable/DSL/Broadband router. What I'm looking for is: -RELIABLE & DURABLE...

    Another "Help me build my next pc" thread

    It has been a few years since I've built a PC and I haven't paid much attention to PC components in a while. So now it's that time to build a new one, so now I'm looking for advice from peeps that are on top of things. I've given it a first shot by some quick reading, and here's what I've come...

    Buffett & Gates Go Back To School This could be comical... :)

    Moyers on America: The Net at Risk

    Maybe something worth watching:

    The NASCAR Poll

    I know this will probably end up in a brawl, but it stems from a bit of frustration and curiosity awakened in me in this thread:

    Hummer is more energy efficient than a Hybrid

    According to CNW marketing research's exhaustive study of energy costs (nearly 4000 data points per vehicle), a Hummer uses less energy "socially" than a hybrid.

    New Tires For My STI

    Since my stock tires have only slightly more tread than slicks at the moment :twisted:, I need to get some new shoes. As usual I can't make up my mind, and I'm writing this up to get my own thoughts in a row as much as being interested to see what others think. What I'm looking for is: - Very...

    Golf Outing Memo

    Just got this email regarding my company's golf outing. :lol:

    Reasonably Current HDTV Tech Comparison?

    Now that I've paid off my car, and I since got a healthy bonus coming my way, I'm looking to buy a HDTV before the end of the year, if not in the next few months, so I'm looking in to things... Does anyone have a link of a reasonably detailed, reasonably current breakdown of the up- and...