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  1. chitownjeff

    US rally car question

    Has anyone attended a US Rally car race? I've started to get more into watching old WRC events/highlights and would like to see an event live and take some pictures of cars jumping, sliding around corners, etc. There are no events near me, and I'm not even sure if they are shown on TV. So...
  2. chitownjeff

    NA$CAR at Road America

    This should be interesting to see: I'm not big on NA$CAR, but I love Road America, and there's no CART/IRL race there, so I'll have to check it out :lol:
  3. chitownjeff

    still no USGP in 2009 :(

    The way rumors were going, it sounded like we still had a chance to get a race in '09. Guess not :cry: Provisional 2009 F1 calendar 29 March Australia 5 April Malaysia 19 April Bahrain 10 May Spain 24 May Monaco 7 June Canada 21 June Great Britain 28 June France 12 July...
  4. chitownjeff

    is the war ending?

    source: The long, costly war between Champ Car and the Indy Racing League is close to being over and, for the first time since 1995, there could be one open wheel series for 2008. ... Paul Newman was ecstatic upon hearing of...
  5. chitownjeff

    bourdais replacement?

    Has anyone heard who is replacing bourdais in Champ Car? I can't find anything about it on the web...
  6. chitownjeff

    2008 race destinations

    OK, so now we've got a new year ahead of us, quick survey: What professional races (F1, NASCAR, Indy Car, etc) are you planning on attending to take pictures? I live in the States, so I won't be going to a F1 race this year. :no: I'll probably be attending the CART race up at Road America...
  7. chitownjeff

    McLaren confirms Kovalainen for 2008

    From ITV: Heikki Kovalainen will race for McLaren alongside Lewis Hamilton next year, completing a seat swap with Renault-bound Fernando Alonso. No big surprise here, but I think it'll be a good pairing. Also: No official car launch for McLaren Team plans to pass up traditional launch in...