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  1. ruuman

    My Top Gear Experience (pics)

    Nope I don't have a problem, it's not hard to get on an airfield if you want too. Just stay off the active runway. Dunsfold holds lots of public activities like motorbike training, lorry driving, air-ballon flights etc. Most airports other than the major internationals don't have much heavy...
  2. ruuman

    FIAT Seicento: pros and cons?

    not a bad car the Seicento, on the two I've worked on the radiators rotted at the bottom. I think this is probably due to the salt on the roads. Only other thing I'd double check is that it's not a pain in the arse to get tires. They are very small. Otherwise pretty good car. I couldn't drive...
  3. ruuman

    Anyone replace a power steering rack before?

    awww, thats a bugger, but these things happen. Normally you should be able to pop off the centre cover, unscrew a couple of the airbag retaining bolts and under that there should be the steering colum loom. got to 3:30 afraid it's a rover, but it will...
  4. ruuman

    Motorbiking in England for dumb Yanks

    nope, your still be restricted to on a CBT, to ride anything your then need to do the direct access route. might be worth emailing these guys I learnt with them and had a spanish guy with me who was in your posistion.
  5. ruuman

    Anybody have an original Mini?

    I regularly work on my friends mini, it's a 1990 1000cc with a cooper conversion and twin SU's. Right first the good bits: they are actually quite roomy and you can get 4 regular size people in them. as long as the suspension is in good condition they ride quite well and handle very well...
  6. ruuman

    Motorbiking in England for dumb Yanks

    we had the same sort of rounabout in colchester, I swear every time I walked past it there was an accident!! The ride anything test is called Direct Access, you basically do your CBT on a 125cc and then get a 500cc. The direct access is not easy like the CBT. But it's well worth it.
  7. ruuman

    Motorbiking in England for dumb Yanks

    I'd probably recommend you do a CBT no matter what route you choose, that way your get an experienced instructor going through the various do's and don't for UK roads. Don't forget to factor in your 66quid road tax
  8. ruuman

    am i about to run into a very expensive period?

    all I know is the 1.9tdi is a pretty proven engine now, 129k is nothing on it. I always thought the clutch was self adjusting on VW's now, I wouldn't expect it to slip even when being silly, so that might be on it's way out. Don't think it's too much of a job, but if you not doing it yourself...
  9. ruuman

    Anyone replace a power steering rack before?

    I might be stating the obvious too, but do have a ball joint splitter? I setup my tracking with a piece of string round the tires method Also I'm impressed with that rack, the fact he took the time to bother plugging up the ports is also very good.
  10. ruuman

    Where's Jezza?

    I stand corrected
  11. ruuman

    Where's Jezza?

    I just recieved this via e-mail, might explain it Looking forward to reading Jeremy Clarkson's column in the Sunday Times? You won't get a chance to now because they pulled it after the lefties sniffled. Moderately insulting to a broad range of countries it is true but what was anyone...
  12. ruuman

    Best way to clean snow off of rims?

    This may sound retarded (I have been at the pub for a while) what about some preventative maintenance. i.e smearing on a compound that is aqua-phobic. So maybe some vaseline on the rims. If the snow cannot get a good purchase to start with it won't build up. you can also get windscreen...
  13. ruuman

    Suzuki SV650 reliability?

    Just another vote of confidence for the SV motor, my Vstrom has pretty much the same unit. Just hit 20k last week, you wouldn't even know. Many people on the vstrom forums have done +200K on theirs now and still going strong. I don't think mine was worn in until I'd passed 10K. Modern bikes...
  14. ruuman

    Clarkson earns ?800,000 from Top Gear spin-off's

    The best part about Clarkson making his fortune is that you know he's going to spend it right. Unlike many other celeb's he's actually passionate about the things he speaks about. So rather than stuffing coke up his noise and getting booked into rehab he will blowing it on fine wine, cheese and...
  15. ruuman

    [14x07] January 3rd, 2010

    a good fun show, enjoyed all of it. Even the guest was good. But for some reason I gave it an 8, now feeling should have been higher, I'm still stuck in Bolivia!! Also this really should have been the Christmas show I think.
  16. ruuman

    Lets not let the question die, ALTERNATORS and water

    Unfortunately there's no simple answer to this one. On a side note about the dizzy cap. What can happen there is when your engine is hot and then suddenly gets hit with cold water, moisture condenses on the inside of the dizzy cap. The moisture then effects the HT flow, this is why sticking the...
  17. ruuman

    [14x06] December 27th, 2009 [South America Special]

    I wasn't going to bother commenting as I thought it was a great episode and unlike everyone else enjoyed season 14. It's still the only program I bother to sit down and watch. Can't believe how crazy everyone is going on the tin hat front, must admit that's why I don't spend so much time on...
  18. ruuman

    Speed camera BOMBing!!!

    thanks Santa, I wasn't a good boy this year, but you still got me what I wanted!! :)
  19. ruuman

    Driving to Mongolia: Less than 1,2L - Less than 10 years old ... suggestions?

    That's a real shame your limited to something so new was such a small engine, a friend of mine did it a few years back in a Suzuki jeep that blew up by Kazakhstan airport, said it was a crazy trip. I did a smaller one 2 years ago from Dover to Bratislava, only stipulation was the car had to be...
  20. ruuman

    Chase Weir and the tale about the runaway Ford

    it's only a cable that connects the shifter to the box, I've managed to break a few of them. It's all possible on a car that's badly maintained, brakes not up to scratch, weak/badly adjusted ebrake. But saying that, it's a bad set of cirumstances and he should have still been able to switch the...