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  1. scowy

    Stig was in the SAS

    Apparently the papers are reporting that The Stig was a trained killer in 23 SAS regiment. From The Sun: From the Daily Mail...
  2. scowy

    New Series Spoiler - James May Crashes Flying Caravan

    Came across this article on the Mail website ( ), it looks like they're having fun filming the new series. September 30, 2009 Another Top Gear stunt went wrong yesterday evening after...
  3. scowy

    Is the black Stig back?

    A new video on youtube has sparked rumors about a return.
  4. scowy

    My Top Gear fantasy is taking over my life

    For all of you poor souls with James May fantasies, it appears you are not alone. From a letter sent to the Daily Mail on the 29th August 2008 concerning a womans obsession with James May: (about...
  5. scowy

    Donations To Richard Hammond

    A lot of you out there I know would like to give Richard a get well soon present. His family however have asked that rather than waste your money on flowers, that would just wither and die, you make a donation to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance that saved his life. For those of you that don't know...